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Police department's case for a new facility not likely to show on next year's budget, officials say

The sheriffs office and KUPD were approached about a joint facility and they declined. The sheriff would then be split over three facilities: law enforcement center for court security, the jail, and then the new building, so somewhat understandable.

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Another fire reported at apartment complex in south central Lawrence

The first number is only for the detective division, which is not open on weekends. The messages on the TIPS hotline are, I believe, only checked during normal business hours during the week. You can also call Dispatch at 832-7509.

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Property owners want answers on extra tax for more parking

“If you look back at the trends of library use over the last five years, it already has had tremendous growth,” Cromwell said. “Once we put a new shine on the library, that trend is really going to go up. It will skyrocket. Everybody in the community is going to want to see the new library.”

Seriously? Can Cromwell actually believe this? Yeah, that new-fangled library technology will bring droves of people in their covered wagons from territories far and wide. "Everybody in the community is going to want to see the new library"--yeah, maybe just once so they can see what a colossal waste of their tax money looks like. After that, don't think so.

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Up to the challenge: Local paratriathlete off to N.Y.C.

Earl, you're going to do great!!! Good luck in NYC!

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Report: $30M police facility needed

Yeah, because I'm sure the Police are the ones that want a parking garage and a useless bus system. I bet the police also want the new library. It's funny that a core city service like police can't have adequate facilities and equipment b/c the city is always using all the money for a library, horribly inefficient bus system, and now probably a rec center.

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Police respond to post-game disturbances

I call BS on that. I was down there both nights and both nights the cops did a great job. They were giving people a lot of slack and not focusing on the minor things.

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Domestic violence charges most frequently dropped

They do. It's part of the state law's requirements, not just something in Franklin County.

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Police chief presses city for rifle program

It is ridiculous that this is even an issue. The officers should have been provided rifles a long time ago. PROVIDED, not having to buy their own rifle to have a fighting chance against the better-armed criminals out there. Ask any Lawrence officer about the times that they have seized AK-47s, AR-15s, SKS rifles, etc from people--yes, in innocent, little-old Lawrence where nothing bad ever happens (sarcasm). ONE person, who has a history of criticizing the LPD for every little thing, sends an email and the city bows to her. Also, the issue wasn't even whether or not the LPD should carry rifles, but only allowing the officers to use the city's lease purchase program to buy them.

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Police chief presses city for rifle program

That is a ridiculous statement. Are you kidding me? "it is not out of the officer's pocket since they are paid by the citizens of the community." Really? So by that logic the money that police officers earn for doing their job isn't theirs? The city is lucky the officers are only asking for a loan program to buy their own rifles. The city should provide this equipment for the officer to do the job they are being asked to do, just like a car, bullet-resistant vest, uniforms, any other piece of equipment.

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Towing can chain drivers to huge fees

Riiiiight . . . it's the cops' fault. Hmm, the COUNTY DISPATCH (which is a separate agency from LPD and DGSO) maintain a rotating list of tow companies. When someone does not have a preference of a tow company, the dispatcher has to contact the company next on the list. It's not their choice. If you want to complain, just learn to pick which company you want or, heaven forbid, actually call them yourself. It's nice that now people are mad at dispatch, the county and the city for, *gasp* following the law.

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