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Vaccine injuries

I strongly believe that many, many of the peer-reviewed articles in existence on the topic of autism have accounted for the mother's age at conception when examining the occurrence of autism in their children. To think that this has not been looked at with rigor is pretty silly.

BTW, there is a growing body of research that shows that the quality of men's sperm tends to decrease significantly with age as well.

It is inflammatory to suggest that women are bringing this upon their children by conceiving later in life.

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Hidden toxins: Beware these summer dangers for children, pets

Thank you! Right on the money.

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City: Algae in lakes to blame for musty-tasting water

I'm pretty sure distilled water isn't meant to be used consistently as a drinking water... because it is has been so purified, it does not replenish any of your body's minerals, and may even help to "flush" away your existing minerals. Most water that is appropriate for drinking (tap or bottled) has mineral content.

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Investigation continues into disappearance of Tonganoxie man

Anyone else think it is just too weird with Larry Schnackenberg disappearing last week, too? His vehicle was found at Shawnee Mission Lake with his cell phone, keys, etc.

These cases make my heart break for their respective families. My prayers are with them.

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Lawrence man warns of antibiotic side effects

As I understand it (perhaps not very well), Cipro is one of the few "safe" antibiotics that pregnant women can take -- meaning that this particular antibiotic should not effect the developing fetus in utero. It's also very common for pregnant women to contract UTI's, and therefore, it is commonly prescribed. This is rather scary to me... I had no idea Cipro (and similar) were so laden with potentially debilitating side effects. Makes me wonder what other (better) options are available to pregnant women needing antibiotics.

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Kivistos fall behind on donations pledged to Kansas Athletics

Thank you. I agree.

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Recycle local

We'll be sticking with Sunflower, too. :-)

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Litter hurts

Don't be a litterbug - be a glitterbug!

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Congratulations, Cole


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