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What’s your favorite wine?

I prefer to mix champagne and ripple, its called champipple. Fred Sanford...

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

Rock Chalk Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Haskell's president, Chris Redman, leaving for job in Oklahoma

Before anyone complains about Haskell maybe you should look in the mirror and think about how you can support Haskell. I see 80% of Lawrence walking around with KU gear on all the time (even if you never went there), you go to KU games and support the University in other ways. How about you buy a Haskell T-Shirt, Go see some sports games, visit a Haskell Pow wow? We have one of the most iconic Native American institutions right here in our back yard where Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills attended, even the greatest athlete of the 20th century Jim Thorpe was at Haskell before it was a University. There is some incredible history and culture on that campus and many in this town have never even stepped foot on that campus except when LHS played there. Obviously Haskell has room for improvement and maybe just maybe you can do your part to support the school that is part of your community.

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Following second meeting with Bill Self, guard Rio Adams decides he will transfer from KU

Best of luck Rio, Once a Jayhawk, Always a Jayhawk!

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KU researchers say new autism estimates shouldn't set off alarms

I think you should research a vaccine for Autism. You claim to just be enamored by them as they prevent little disease vectors from infecting other disease vectors. Actually you claimed you would vote for Dr Riordan just because of his support for vaccines. Right?

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New homeless shelter adds space, privacy

Downtown is not an ideal hangout for people in a bind anyway. Lots of drinking and other things that take away from the focus of getting back on your feet, particularly if you have a family. If these folks need things there are ways to get to dillons or checkers. If the business park ever takes off, between the park and the other business complex nearby there may be jobs available for those who complete their GED.

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Bill would limit nuisance lawsuits against ag interests

Advice for Kansas farmers.

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Brownback administration pushes to repeal restrictions on corporate agriculture; opponents say family farms will suffer

This^ The interesting part of this is that corporations cannot vote (yet) (sigh) so once the small town farmers are replaced with corporations the urban areas will have a greater chance of ousting Brownback.

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Lawrence man charged in federal court with the illegal sale of eagle feathers

Please educate yourself on Eagle Feathers as the law applies to anyone both Native and non Native. It's a quick but necessary read in case you even come across a dead eagle.

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Riordan thinks doctor's perspective, problem solving skills would be asset to City Commission

It's all about the context. I suppose by that same line of reasoning I can call you a Penis Wrinkle since as a human male you likely have one.

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