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Editorial: In the street

This is the most absurd and incorrect editorial that the LJWORLD and Dolph have produced in a very long time.

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Paul Davis makes it official: He's running for governor

I think it would be a significant boost to his chances at winning if he selected a moderate republican as his running mate for Lt. Gov.

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HPV vaccine offered in Lawrence pediatric offices

Really Kathy, According to the CDC THEMSELVES:

Center for Disease Control asserts "Chickenpox vaccines contain weakened live VZV, which may cause latent (dormant) infection. The vaccine-strain VZV can reactivate later in life and cause shingles.

So Kathy, How about you post up some links to confirm your statement or you can just keep throwing out unverifiable statements.

This is the age of critical thinking so how about you join us in the 21st century!

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HPV vaccine offered in Lawrence pediatric offices

Anyone who thinks vaccines are harmless is equally misinformed. While the cause of autism is inconclusive there seems to be a direct correlation between the new use of the chickenpox vaccine and the spike in cases of shingles. The risk of dying from chickenpox itself was almost a statistical anomaly. How about having shingles as an adult? Anyone who thinks giving a child up to 14 vaccines by the age of 18 months is safe is delusional. Can your child get pertussis after getting the shot: yes. So why are you giving your child the pertussis shot? Because the average person has never taken even a basic human anatomy class and is highly uninformed about the human body, pathogens, etc and relies on the doctor who is primarily concerned with avoiding litigation than giving you options. I feel particularly bad for Mrs thompson who for the rest of time will be shown holding a vial of Gardasil if they ever do conclusively link that product to some major issues it creates.

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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

If you are a liberal in Kansas you have a better shot at ousting Brownback by working to elect a moderate republican than you do with Davis. Just telling it like it is.

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Opinion: Author interview represents new low

Obviously RTWNGR and Pheps have no clue about the authors credentials and his ability to write on the subject of religion. According to an article in the Atlantic "What First Things fails to note is that the sociology degree is in the sociology of religion. Aslan may not have a graduate degree in history, but he does have a Ph.D. and an M.T.S. that bear on the topic at hand. He has also published extensively on religion. Arguing he's somehow not a scholar, as John S. Dickerson did, isn't really credible."

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Editorial: Arts demise

I agree BUT why are conservatives up in arms when government programs lose money but then they want to eliminate programs that MAKE money. It make no sense to me that the state should eliminate any programs that make money for itself and it's businesses and therefore reduce the overall tax burden for us citizens. Don't you see it cost you and me more in tax dollars because we now have to subsidize programs that were paid for by this great business opportunity. Got it?

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Editorial: Arts demise

Why is this so hard for people to understand?
I will make this as simple as possible to understand.
Kansas spends: 2 Million dollars on Arts.
Kansas Economy receives: 153 Million dollars in the economy.
Kansas taxes earnings at lets say 5%: 7.65 Million Dollars in revenue.
So here is the results......
The state spends 2 million to make 7.65 Million and the rest of Kansas businesses get 145 Million.
I am not sure that even drug dealers get that kind of return on investments.
Why is this a bad thing again?

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Neighborhood pool acts as a 'community within a community'

Swede and Betty are Lawrence treasures. They helped make that neighborhood. Rest in Peace Swede.

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Shamanic healing has a foothold in Lawrence

Funny photo to see after watching Kumare last night. A bunch of Caucasian people sitting around a ethnic looking "Shaman".

If you haven't seen Kumare it is:

"Kumaré is an American 2011 documentary film directed by Vikram Gandhi.

To record the documentary, American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi transformed himself into Sri Kumaré, an enlightened guru from a fictional village in India, by adopting a fake Indian accent and growing out his hair and beard. In the film, Kumaré travels to Arizona to spread his made-up philosophy and gain sincere followers" From Wikipedia.

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