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Advocates for people with developmental disabilities say they want to stay out of KanCare

As of today the issue is Sentate Substitute House Bill 2155 which cannot be read online until Monday. This bill would give the insurance companies almost complete power or at least lay the ground work for that. I am an independent case manager and have been for years. Giving an advocacy role to the company that is supposed to make a profit and cut costs -logically WILL NOT do their best to advocate on behalf of the person. I know the people I work for do not want an insurance employee doing their assessments, plans of care and quality oversight for services. This will be the largest conflict of interest. I hope that the LJW will talk to those that will be impacted by this. Chipping away that is what 2155 will do.

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Two child care facilities to close in Lawrence

Staff at SAMS were asked not to speak to the media and will be given 24 hours notice if enrollment drops before 2/28. Its my understanding they were also told to forget about unemployment which seems to be a scare tactic. It appears both families and staff are being treated poorly. I do want to commend the SAMS staff on site for working hard to help families in this transition even though they are under the stress of being out of work and for those teachers that also have children enrolled out of childcare as well.

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Lawrence school board to seek $92.5 million bond issue

Before making a comment about what they will do, sit in on an acutal meeting at one of the schools that discusses the changes proposed. Then make an educated comment. One of the focuses of the bond will be to change the entrances of several schools to increase school safety. I will vote yes. Our children need this.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Neighbors won't appeal Ninth and N.H. project; Plans for Ten Thousand Villages to open downtown store on track; CVB seeking new director

When visiting a 10,000 Villages store in CO, I thought one would do really well in Lawrence. I'm glad they will be coming downtown.

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Taking a look at restaurant violations

"Food service work is considered work of last resort in the US - kids, druggies, felons, immigrants, looked down upon by many. In some parts of the world a cook is an honorable profession. I think there might be a reason those country's rate of diabetes and heart disease are lower. You pay $40. for that dinner, that cook is making $8-10/hour"

Seriously? Have you had your head in the sand? I think the food service industry has become a very popular industry, just look at the TV. I would however guess that the places that aren't on the list might just pay better and have happier employees than the ones on the list. I'm not blaming the employees for this, but the owners who want to put every last cent in their pocket.

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KanCare delay on developmental disabilities still touchy subject

What about DD Targeted Case Managers not being included in the carve out? So how will it work when the support coordinator for the person receiving DD services (TCM) is under Kancare, but the DD services are not? Seems like a slap in the face to the whole carve out idea.

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Proud K-Stater from Woodlawn School named Lawrence Elementary Teacher of the Year

Congrats, from this Woodlawn parent.

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Town Talk: Starbucks moving forward with W. Sixth Street drive-through; community theater project taking shape; incubator to launch entrepreneur series

Skip Starbucks all together and go to J and S. Joe's coffee is 100 times better.

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