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Kansas legislator introduces bill prompted by concerns over 'honor killings'

to tell you the truth, I have yet to reach that point.

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Wednesday Waifs: Chi Chi

Godspeed, Chi Chi. You'll find a home in no time.

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Kansas legislator introduces bill prompted by concerns over 'honor killings'

Anyone out there remember HUAC and the laws proposed to "protect" America from the Red Menace? Any of them still on the books? OMG! What! They're no longer on the books?!?!? You mean we let our guard down and we're now unprotected? Lord have mercy.

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Kansas lobbyists report record spending for 2010

In related stories:

1.) Sun comes up in east, sets in west.

2.) Dog checks out fire hydrant.

3.) Local boys makes good.

4.) Republicans at State and national level lie to constituents, assume Savior's mantle and crown of thorns.

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Eudora man accused again of using vehicle as weapon during argument

"Don't you make me pull this here Chrysler on your arse!"

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Statehouse Live: Kansas House budget committee approves proposal to cut state employees' pay by 7.5 percent

Having worked in the private sector as a consultant to State governments for nearly my entire career I have seen the following happen over and over again:

1.) State cuts worker salaries across the board

2.) Those workers who joined for public service reasons who are highly skilled (like IT, architect, legal, professional services, etc.) bolt since the pay is now so grossly below private sector wages

3.) State has obligations to meet so bids for outsourcing of services (and Republicans have a happy accident in their pants)

4.) Bids come in much higher than anticipated but what can the State do? They have obligations.

5.) State spends more money than before on services that used to be performed in-house.

Look, if your a Republican, at least be honest and state that your goal is to put more jobs in the private sector. Don't for a minute pretend that this will really save money in the long run. State workers are NOT overpaid by any stretch of the imagination.

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Kansas Department of Health and Environment to require more details on late-term abortions

Well you best brace yourself, cait48. Don't for a minute think that the forced-birthers will grant an inch of letter (or spirit) of the law.

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Brownback directs top Republicans to produce reforms to address budget crisis

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Douglas County task force releases report on open space and historic preservation priorities

Yep, because it always helps to forget one's heritage.

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First Bell: Still seeking new names for middle schools; Kennedy (formerly Southeast Elementary) School celebrating 50 years; district budgets targeted for cuts

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