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Local businesses hope for deep run by Jayhawks

Who is that bald nerd in the photo? Oh wait. He's one of my best friends who has offered to sign a copy of this newspaper for me.

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New task force to study retail in downtown Lawrence

Lower rent and and lower city sales tax. Poor people like me would be able to spend a little money from time to time.

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Lawrence city commissioners reiterate strong likelihood of tax increase at budget study session

How many empty shops are there downtown now? 30+? How about lowering city sales tax and doing everything we can to get businesses back in Lawrence. If businesses can open and not have to pay an arm and a leg just to open the doors and if the citizens of Lawrence don't have to pay the one of the highest sales tax in the state maybe they would spend more money which would INCREASE tax revenue to the city.

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Why the odds favor Obama re-election

Obama's and the libs have been in charge for the last two plus years. The economy started to tank when the libs took over the house in 2006. Bush spent too much but Obama is spending this country into the stone age. This is all on the libs. If Obama gets a 2nd turn we'll end up just like Greece. I hope the GOP elects someone better than McCain this time around.

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Have the rising gas prices affected how often you drive?

I don't drive as much as I used to.

Drill baby drill!!

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Capitol Briefing: No steam behind bill to abolish State Board of Education, Kansas Board of Regents

Maybe I misread the article but I didn't see anything about Brownback not living in the Governors mansion.

I don't know what the griping is about. He wants to donate extra money to charity. What's wrong with that?

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How many compact fluorescent light bulbs do you have in your home

I stocked up on the old bulbs so I won't have to deal with these for awhile.

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Kansas legislator introduces bill prompted by concerns over 'honor killings'

It hasn't happened yet but it might. Good for her. The day Sharia law is used in KS would be a sad day.

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