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Do you know how to drive a stick shift?

I was only allowed to test for my first license on a manual. My dad later told me that he had planned ahead and bought one just for that reason. I can't thank him enough to this day, because once you learn you never forget. I believe it is a valuable skill that every driver should have, even if you never intend to own one yourself (which I have ever since).

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Town Talk: Pawn shop set to expand; airport hangar project delayed; a battle between Lawrence and Salina may be looming

How do you figure my story is not accurate? It happened exactly as I described! I am simply telling you my first hand experience. I have a copy of the police report showing the property as stolen, and I have a copy of the receipt where they made me buy it back. Hard to argue with that.

Regardless of whether the officer was accurate in his unflattering portrayal of the pawn industry, the fact remains that this store purchased stolen property, was informed of it by police, and did not hand it over but told me to come back with cash upon expiration of the pawn to purchase it back.

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Town Talk: Pawn shop set to expand; airport hangar project delayed; a battle between Lawrence and Salina may be looming

My experience with this store wasn't a favorable one. I had some merchandise stolen from my home (tools, jewelry, camera equipment, etc) and some of it ended up there. They were very rude and treated me as if I were the criminal! Apparently they had made the thief pawn rather than sell the items, and then told me that I had to wait until the pawn period expired to come in and purchase them, because as far as they were concerned the merchandise belonged to the person who brought them in. Nevermind that I was there with a uniformed officer and a police report. How very generous of them to allow me to buy my own stolen property back! The officer explained to me that while I had the legal right to take them to court to force them to turn over stolen goods, the pawn shops know how to play the game and will frequently "lose" the items before the court date. In fact he told me that if you have any interest in getting something back (like sentimental value), you had better play ball with them right away, because if you come back tomorrow you likely won't get a second chance.

I realize that people have differing experiences and opinions about places like this, but that's mine. They prey on thieves who are desperate to unload stolen goods quickly, and serve people who don't mind buying them.

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Celebration penalty costly for K-State

I'm a KU fan, but have no problem rooting for K State as long as we're not playing them! That being said, I don't buy the "but everybody else does it" argument. Yes, the rule is enforced inconsistently, but it's still a rule and anyone playing at this level should know that! Why do something that you know is against the rules and even take a chance of being singled out as an example? These guys are receiving lucrative scholarships and some of them are on the track toward NFL dollars, how hard is it to just keep your mouth shut and play by the rules of the game (even the ones you don't agree with), and stay out of trouble for the sake of your team and potentially even your own career opportunities?

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What store would you like to see come to Lawrence?

Agreed! Francis is a great store, and I've bought several items there over the years, but if you are looking for a tent, or a tacklebox, or a shotgun, or an in-ground basketball system, or a weight bench, you're just out of luck. Perhaps they could special order, but who wants to buy an item sight-unseen when there are businesses out there that could offer in-store inventory? Sporting goods selection (of the non-KU apparel variety) is seriously lacking in this town for those of us who desire more than Target and WalMart have to offer.

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Federal jury finds co-owner of Yellow House guilty of 16 charges in stolen-property case

That is correct, I was taken to two shops here in Lawrence that had purchased my items, and then three more in the Kansas City area. Apparently it is a common practice among thieves to spread the wealth around, thinking that it will be harder to follow the trail. It does not due to the database, but for me personally it illustrates how widespread the trafficking of stolen goods is in the entire pawn industry, that not one of the shops bothers to question an individual like that. It appears that they just turn a blind eye to theft, and hide behind the fact that the person selling the merchandise didn't tell them it was stolen so it's not their problem.

It's not that I think only the shops in Lawrence are dirty, I think it's a dirty industry that thrives on stolen goods and acts of desperation.

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Federal jury finds co-owner of Yellow House guilty of 16 charges in stolen-property case

You can say that again! I myself fell victim to the theft of a number of items from my home a couple of years ago, and had to be personally led around by a LPD officer to each of the pawn shops in town to recover my items one by one. I won't even list which shops, because I have no interest in calling anyone out, but suffice it to say that it was among the more humiliating experiences of my life. These places had purchased my belongings (electronics, tools, jewelry) from the thief no questions asked, and then treated me like the criminal when I showed up with an officer to identify and claim them. I hate to paint all pawn shops with the same brush, but unfortunately that was my experience with them. I vowed then to never enter one of those places again.

Oh, and to answer your question, no they do not hold it for 30 days unless the thief pawned the stolen items rather than sold them (and why would they?). I was able to recover the vast majority of my items (which incidentally I had to purchase from the shops and later file a restitution claim against the thief to recover the money), but even though only a few days had passed, some of the items had already been "sold" by the pawn shop. The officer warned me that once word got out that the stuff was stolen, the shops have a tendency to make things disappear. So they run the pawn database that all PDs have access to, locate your items, and make a mad dash around town trying to recover it as quickly as possible. In my experience the LPD officer was very helpful and friendly, and the pawn operators were anything but.

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String Me Along: A Musical Monday

Rude Mood by Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Jurors find Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder of George Tiller

So you're saying that we should make things legal on the basis that people will do them anyway, without regard for their effect on others? Does this apply to murder? Rape? Drinking and driving?

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