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Colorado shooting suspect wrote of 'unquenchable curiosity,' experiences working with underprivileged children in KU application

I think people are interested! If KU had interviewed this young man they may very well have come to the same conclusion as the Iowa professor. He must have looked very good on paper but showed a very different side in person. I'm glad he withdrew from KU but it sure is sad for Colorado.

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Cindy Murray mother to many

Thank you for a wonderful story! Cindy was an amazing woman and had a tremendous impact on the entire Lawrence community.

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Plane crash victim alumnus of LHS

Patty is a great lady and what a horrible loss for her. I cannot imagine the pain of losing your son, his wife, and darling grandchildren. Prayers are with Patty and the rest of the family.

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Two people injured in pickup-semi crash on U.S. Highway 24 in Jefferson County

I wish an update would be given on these young men.

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Mizzou fan antics don’t rile Robinson

I am a MU grad and attended that game with my kids - the one and only time I will go back. I have never been so disgusted in my life. Besides witnessing the KU band get pelted, I also had to watch my kids have ugly things said to them because they were wearing KU shirts. I loved MU but I don't think we acted that way when I was there. The band was also hit with oranges and no one did a thing. The administration obviously has no control!

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Lawrence teenager’s job comes with unexpected complications

Did you read the article? The bank (any bank) has to follow the regulations handed down from the government.

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Lawrence resident hurt in rollover accident

Are you kidding me LarryNative? An 18 year old having an accident around midnight could be anyone's kid and doesn't have a thing to do with parenting - especially driving a Ford taurus. A 16 year old driving a brand new porsche at 4:00am would make any sane person wonder about the circumstances. Maybe there was a valid reason to be out at that time of night/morning, but it does leave one to wonder.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

Waterfront moved to Wakarusa St. but I don't know the new address.

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Man who killed officer in Atchison was angry at system, says grandfather

I was shocked to read the name of the shooter. Skyler spent much of his life in Lawrence and was in class with my son. So sad for the officer's family and hard to imagine Skyler doing such a terrible thing. He had some issues but I never thought he was violent.

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