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Businessman challenging city on parachuting rights

well i have only read about half the comments posted. but as a sky diver it would breat to see a DZ open there i know i would come visit. just think of how it will help local business as well.
but we have waited to jump due to other air traffic but we also know to look around and watch out for other traffic. so personally oonce again the city councel is out of line. oh yes i lived there for a few years.

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Businessman challenging city on parachuting rights

the city counce needs to start sky diving. this would make them see things clearer. as a sky diver, and looked at the aireal map this airport is big enough to handle it and they just might be suprised how much business it will bring to town. and the possable expantion of maybe a new building at what it will do to the loce business.

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