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Pilot curbside recycling plan gains traction

I grew up in a far, FAR more conservative, much smaller town in Texas and they got on the bandwagon with recycling at the curb with a fancy sorting truck 15 years ago. Not recycling is lazy, irresponsible, and pathetic. It isn't some partisan issue. It isn't some tree-hugger issue. It isn't something Al Gore invented. It is a responsible, long term approach to land management as well as a sound basis for future economic activity. Many products can be made more efficiently (thus more cheaply) using post-consumer waste. Raw material extraction and processing is very costly--it just requires less capital investment since production is already geared toward that purpose.

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Local students watch Obama's back-to-school speech

Beware of the people talking socialism. Many are perfectly willing to use incredible violence to protect their THINGS. Step back from the precipice or we are ALL going to suffer. You can oppose it, but violence to protect things--what god tells you that is OK?

The Christian god is a socialist!
"When I was hungry, you gave me to eat;
when I was thirsty you gave me to drink.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to Me.
Come and enter the house of My Father.

When I was a stranger, you opened your doors;
when I was naked, you gave me clothes.

When I was tired, you gave me peace;
when I was frightened, you calmed me down.

When I was small, you taught me to read;
when I was lonely, you gave me your love.

I was in prison, you visited me;
WhenI was sick and you took care of me.

In a strange country, you gave me a home;
when I had no job, you found me one.

When I was wounded, you took care of it;
looking for friendship, you gave me your hand.

Whether I was black, or white or yellow;
mocked at or insulted, you carried my cross.

When I was old, you smiled at me;
when I couldn't find peace, you brought it to me.

You saw me: full of spit and blood;
dirty with sweat, still you said you knew me.

You were on My side in times of despise;
in the hour of joy, we were together."

Sound familiar--or are too many of you mentally undressing the others in church when you are supposed to be paying attention?

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Do you mind that President Obama spoke to school children about education?

You know, I didn't believe all the talk about socialist indoctrination, but just this morning I saw a whole bunch of schoolkids in Mao suits walking, sullen and in single file, to the sugar cane plantations where they were all helping with the harvest...oh wait, I was suffering the same delusions as so very many of you all. Don't worry, your little kiddos will soon be 14 yr olds driving SUVs and running down bicyclists on the road because "bikes don't belong on the roads" and they are too busy texting their friends about which one of them has parents that have a rec. room in the basement and allow drinking as long as it is at home. Then they will grow up and be just like you. So don't worry!

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Furor over Obama speech typifies polarization

As long as they are red huh, Tom? Go team red!

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Furor over Obama speech typifies polarization

Ah the Bushes...I know they are championed for being Republicans, but H.W., while not really evil, comes from a long line of people who put family ahead of country. That's all well and good as long as you aren't trying to be president. Oh, oops! Sam, Prescott, the Walkers, Harrimans...bigger fans of themselves than of the good ol' USofA. But not above using tools of government to further enrich themselves. Having said all that, I think any speech of this nature by anyone in this office would be vilified by whatever opposition. If it were a Republican, they would be accused of trying to indoctrinate the kiddos with their "fascist" ideologies. If it were a Democrat, "fascism" is replaced with "socialism".

The best bet is to allow kids to be indoctrinated by their parents so that you see small children acting and saying and doing the things you can find at any number of public events--with no understanding of what they are saying or doing (not unlike Phelps children in Top-city). Honestly, I think you should have to be about 25 before being able to vote anyways. When I was 18, I voted for Perot. What does that say about my understanding of politics circa 1992?--that I didn't have a clue!

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Pension system problems mounting

Great! I always knew I'd have to work until the day I die. I just wish they'd quit STEALING my money and let me keep it. Employer contributions don't mean a whole lot if you get NOTHING in the end. They could offer to put $10,000 per paycheck in there since all that has to happen when it comes time to pay out is someone says, "Sorry, there ain't no more money left for you". Saving for retirement is a flawed concept anyways. I saw my dad scrimp and save just so he could die 11 months later--some retirement.

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Do you think global warming is caused by human activity?

I only believe in things that are convenient to me!

I marvel at those who will unquestioningly believe in a "God" but...

I don't care either way...I just don't. Everyone can just do whatever they want.

P.S. Jay Leno couldn't have picked a better line up of knuckleheads to question on the street. It's cold? Seriously? That's your argument? At least use some sciency words like boltzmann here. (btw not knocking your argument boltzy, you do use sciency words in this last post though.

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Motor myths debunked

It seems to me that people generally believe many other traffic myths than those listed here. Many more dangerous.
There are too many people issued driver's licenses. Way too many. There should be at least 33% fewer licenses issued across the country. Maybe like 50% fewer in Kansas. The idea that someone should be allowed to drive because "How else'r they gonna git to work and stuff" is Bull. I don't care if you are from East Bumblefuk, Kansas--if you can't drive you shouldn't be allowed. And many, MANY people with licenses cannot drive. Anyone who didn't know the answer to every question in the article shouldn't be given a license. Anyone who cannot pass the written test without the book should not be given a license. Anyone who cannot pass a driving test on the first try should not be given a license. Anyone who ever is convicted on DUI charge...etc... It isn't just your life you risk by being a bad driver! If there were 50% fewer drivers, just think of all the money they could contribute to a transit system since, without a license, they would have no need to buy a car. Oh well, I forget, driving is one of those unalienable rights...whatever.

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Obama hosts dinner for Islamic holy month

So this story garnered 33 and counting posts. How many would accompany an article about Easter services or Christmas activity involving the Pres? This is a non-story that turns into this because of blue-team/red-team politics. How many of you are starting to see parallels between our "democracy" and that of places in S. Asia like Indonesia, Thailand, etc... They sure get into color coordinated politics where what team you are on is so much more important that what the people you vote for actually represent.

"Poor", oppressed, middle-class, Christian United Statesians--when will you ever get a champion on your side???

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Regents warn of budget cuts’ overall effects

"...the smartest people are running the companies and government that created this disaster..."

This I simply cannot agree with. Example #1 W. Whatever you think of him, you cannot refute his "C" average at a school where "Gentlemen's Cs" are what you pay extra for. He is just one of many examples of people who squeak through school and get set up in life by the folks and their friends. Nepotism and Cronyism are the problems here.

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