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Serena, MJ show their lack of class

Oh, boo-hoo!

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Would you support a new tradition of Kansas University firing a cannon after the team scores at football games?

That's what I was thinking--what the hell is a "new" tradition?

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Are you tired of the Brett Favre saga?


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Another day at the office

And two days later, this is still the lead story?! Unbelievable! "The Office" is painful to watch.

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Regents approve expansion of Memorial Stadium

When will they address parking for games/in general. I live a mile from the stadium and still I have to put up a no parking sign on game days. WTF? Businesses all the way up to Iowa St. have to put up "No Football Parking" signs. Again WTF? And forget about it if your life doesn't revolve around KU sports. And don't forget: People won't pay that kind of money to see a mediocre team which means even more money will have to be poured into the program to keep up performance (since everyone knows that the more money you pay your coaches, the more they win--yeah, that proves itself to be so true every season!).

Also, when is that $40 mil going to show up?

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Habitat for Humanity to mark milestones

Yeah Habitat!

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Millionth poster

yeah, yawn!

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Lawrence woman arrested after leading police on chase through town

Alright weatherboy, you need to re-read the article because the store was Kwik Shop, and the person who wrote the article got it right. I suspect you shouldn't post after a night of drinking. What were you reading/drinking/smoking anyways?

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KU will fire a cannon when Jayhawks score this weekend against Duke

Not too militaristic Topper, but what about the cost? I like that kind of stuff, but I like a lot of other stuff too. Budget prioritization should factor into any display of this type. While I don't particularly like loud noises, a cannon firing is much cheaper than calling up a B-1 from Wichita. Why not a flyover of KC-135s from Top-city. Frankly, I don't see what either have to do with a game that is already over-the-top.

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Should there be a "lifetime lookback" when courts consider sentencing for those with repeat DUI convictions?

Driving isn't a God-given or even a Constitutional right.

For those who have made mistakes in the past, if you learned from them, this wouldn't be a problem as you would not be likely to repeat your crime. The poll doesn't say that the court would "throw the book" at someone with prior(s) either, it suggests that the penalty for a current offense MAY differ from that which would come from a first-time-in-lifetime offense.

I worked briefly with someone with several DUI conviction who spent time in El Dorado (whatever that facility is called) because of them, who can still, somehow, drive legally. That doesn't quite seem right either.

What percentage of the (now) 27% who said NO have had DUI convictions (or diversions) in the past?

How does this compare to other "drug" laws?

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