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Grand pianist: 12-year-old plays through blindness

I remember Luther as a toddler running around Cordley. He is an intelligent and talented young man. I count myself lucky to know him.

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Free State counselor killed in vehicle-train accident near Riverfront Park north of Lawrence

In the aftermath of this tragic accident, there are grief counselors available at Freestate High School for students and staff members. Please encourage your children to touch base with a grief counselor this week if needed.

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Food Backpack Demonstration grant to help feed Lawrence students lunches during summer weekends

Yeah! I work at one of the schools where we give out 25 snack packs on Fridays. The kids LOVE them. So happy to know they will get it over the summer to!

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Lawrence man arrested after car chase

Why do people think they can get away? They never do.

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Crews work overnight restoring power after thunderstorm

Our powers still out...12 hours now...what's going on?

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Crews work overnight restoring power after thunderstorm

Still no power south of 19th and Haskell

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With economy still tight, elementary schools try to pare down school supply lists

I had an incoming kindergartener ask me last year if she had to wear shoes to school. Sadly they do

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There are 19 plots at the new community garden at Pine Tree Townhomes, featuring items such as tomat

these are my Juliette Tomatoes. I got the plant from Pendleton's at the Farmer's Market. They really know their tomatoes!

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Garden envy: A (slightly) competitive spirit can produce beautiful results

It has been SO much fun getting the Pinetree garden up and running. It is amazing how our patches of dirt have become lush and beautiful and are feeding our neighbors and families (she says while munching on a cucumber picked this morning). There is envy but also a community of support and sharing.

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Police searching for suspect in hit-and-run incident

I live nxt to Pinehaven and at about 7 this morning there was a woman being arrested and three women standing outside a car thanking the officers...wonder if it's any connection???

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