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Baldwin City fix-it shop cover for moped obsession

great story, but "Czech-made Pugh" ?? Hmm? Is it a British HURLEY-PUGH from the 30ies, or an Austrian PUCH?

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ABA sanctions KU law school

It is really too obvious, but it annoys me anyway. The university in Lawrence you are writing about is not Kansas University. It is The University of Kansas. Has been and will be. Rock Chalk.

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How important is it for students to learn cursive writing?

Ron Holzwarth, try looking up deutsche schrift on wikipedia and have it translated to "German cursive" . Its also called Kurrent or Sütterlin and was a type of cursive writing, with similar version used in Scandinavian countries and in Austria. While abandoning that helped unify reading/writing with other European and non-European languages I find it hard to believe that not teaching cursive writing and reading at all is a step in the right direction.

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Senate Republicans approve sales tax increase, cuts in income tax rates, lower food sales tax

"...lowers the tax burden on all Kansans" says Brownback. But the reality is: "...a tax plan that will increase taxes by $879 million over the next 5 years". That just says it all, no matter how politicians want to turn it. And I am not even against increasing taxes, if its for a reasonable cause. Just stop the blatant lying. And then some representatives are just off the wall, "lower food tax will increase obesity", and should just retire.

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Largest wind farm in Kansas to begin operation soon

I wish the comments for LJworld would relate to the articles, and not wander off on tangents as much as they do. In the article there is a factual error caused by mis-quoting from the Kansas City Star. The original text is: "The project has 274 wind turbines, each with capacity to generate 1.6 megawatts of electricity or a total of 438 megawatts. That’s enough to supply electricity to 160,000 homes." So all turbines combined in this wind farm power 160,000 homes, not each one as written in the LJworld article.
Most European countries dont seem to think wind energy to be a bad idea to cover peak demand, they invest heavily. Probably because its non-polluting and does not run out. The drawback is that its not a steady supply in one single place, so you need a large grid with many windfarms in different locations to catch the wind.

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Heard on the Hill: New engineering building fully opening soon; engineering prof gets KBA boost; West Campus road construction ends

New roads on W campus, great! Except that the heavy equipment they used nicely ruined a part of Crestline Dr near the intersection with Irving Hill Road. When is that going to be repaired?

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Heard on the Hill: Tuition compact idea spreading to other schools; physics professor finds extinctions could be related to radioactive isotope; KJHK radio station nominated for mtvU award

"physics professor finds extinctions could be related to radioactive isotope". This headline is misleading, it reads like the isotope is the cause, whereas is it just the tool that indicates what is the cause behind the extinctions (they say). The main text catches is better.

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Power restored after semi-truck downs powerline

when will they put those powerlines underground? No more downed lines during storms or lightning strikes.

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Brownback aide hints plan to touch on sales tax

raising sales tax is the most unfair of taxes for people with lower income. And a flatter income tax progression than we already is doing the same. People with less disposable income will be off worse. This will negativel affect a very high number of people in the state, esp. big families.

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Do you think cable barriers should be installed in the median on Kansas Highway 10?

cable barriers are death traps for motorcyclists. Even a simple slip-and-slide can cost you limbs or your life. If they want to install barriers, have them motorcyclist safe. Various European countries know how to do this and have had the studies to show the danger of cables for decades. Just my opinion...

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