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Closings and cancellations for Tuesday, Jan. 19

Does Boys and Girls Club receive a separate announcement or is that considered an after school activity for USD 497?

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Duo has plan to convert Teller's into gastropub with heavy emphasis on craft beers; Papa Murphy's opens with special event for Boys and Girls Club today

Tellers has gone down hill quickly over the last few years. I'm looking forward to the change.

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Council aims to preserve historic sites in Douglas County through survey

I pass this house every day on my way to and from work and I'm always thinking that the guys from American Pickers would have a hay day there! Looks like he has a lot of out building that have some pretty cool stuff in them.

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What was your new year’s resolution, and have you done a good job keeping it?

To not use my phone while driving - so far so good!

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Rowing class learns sport is tougher than it seems

There has been a KU / K-State regatta every year since 1978 on most years it is the same weekend as the Oxford / Cambridge race.
This year the race will held on April 7th at Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas City.

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Poll: Canadians like their health care

Wow no wonder Americans have such a bad wrap with Canadians.

Having experienced both healthcare systems, 19 years in Canada and now 10 years in the US I would have to say that I defiantely preferred the Canadian system. The only bill I had ever paid to a hospital or a dr. was a $50 charge for an ambulance ride.

Since being in the US, with health care coverage from my employer, I have paid well over $3000 out of pocket for various visits, hospital stays, x-rays etc. And this was with 9 years less time spent in this country!

Yes there may be longer waits in the ER or to see a specialist but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that if you need medical care you can get it and you won't go bankrupt having to pay for that care.

I am sure there is plenty wrong with the Canadian system but you know what? it doesn't matter how rich or poor you are if you need care you can get it and I think that is what the current administrations goal is equal access to healthcare for all.

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Boathouse dedication upcoming at KU

I highly doubt the boathouse construction (which is no where near the bike trails) had anything to do with the deterioration. As for busing the girls out to the river...they have never done that so why would they start now? And from what I have seen the majority of people that use that park are dealing drugs in the parkiing lot or drinking beer under the gazebo, so you should actually be happy all the rowers are down there taking up all the parking spots!

Congrats KU Rowing on your beautiful building!

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New Dunkin' Donuts planned for 6th Street

BufflyoGal I couldn't agree more! Tim Hortons is the best!

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Group floats riverside development idea in North Lawrence

mom - there is a gaslight trailer park over by home depot and then there is the Gas Light Tavern right next to Johnny's. I have no idea what the name of the trailer park near the river is called.

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