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Commissioner again proposes letting people pay parking fines with canned food

Well, since you said "finally" I guess that means I can respond without fear of being called an idiot.

I'd call him Commissioner Herbert.

I suspect you know which issue I'm talking about, PB. I also suspect you're intentionally obtuse. On the off-chance, though, you don't, the issue is the worthiness of substituting revenue from parking fines with canned good collections for food banks.

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Commissioner again proposes letting people pay parking fines with canned food

You know, I don't think it's a very good idea; it seems cumbersome and impractical. Amy Varoli Elliot's idea, in my eyes, is a better one. I don't, however, see the need to call Commissioner Herbert an idiot just because one doesn't like the way he's proposing to address an important issue. Herbert has, at the very least, refocused our attention to it.

When does all the hatred stop?

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What's a healthy food you enjoy eating?

I like a homemade smoothie from my ninja blender. A good grilled or baked salmon is hard to beat. And that Fannestiel bacon they process in Emporia. Man, that is some good ... oh, wait. Nevermind!

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Two accidental shootings in less than a week; police advise gun owners to use caution

At the behest of a good friend whose knowledge of firearms and firearm safety is considerable, I would like to point out there are no accidental shootings, only negligent ones.

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Opinion: Time to leave comic bias behind

I fail to see how the inclusion of a Rey figurine could give away a key plot point. That statement insinuates they're gonna kill her off. If they do, Hasbro is the one giving it away. Rey is by far and away the coolest and fiercest character in the latest flick.

Bart, when my wife gets home later, I'll have her bow down in submissive thanks for your benevolent allowance of equal rights.

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Off the Beaten Plate: The Drunken Chicken at Fat Freddy's

Freddy's has great pies. That drunken chicken pie looks delicious. It's a first class dive. I like the piece of notebook paper taped to the counter with hand-written lettering that says "Occupancy - 6"

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Lawrence shooting sends one man to hospital; likely 'accidental discharge,' DA's office says

Accidental discharge? That's not a very happy ending.

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Editorial: Distracting dress?

Holmes ain't no Sherlock, but his thinking is certainly elementary.

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