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Roberts, Jenkins predict congressional action on guns in wake of mass shooting at Florida high school

I understand 2A, Mike. It was just an example, but if weapons such as AR-15's aren't that popular or necessary for civilian activities like hunting, why do we need them? Just because some feel the abstract right to own any kind of weaponry is more important than common sense protections? Nobody wants to disarm the populace, but there are no rational justifications for permitting unfettered access to certain kinds of weaponry.

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Roberts, Jenkins predict congressional action on guns in wake of mass shooting at Florida high school

No, the convo ought to begin with why civilians think they need to have weapons such as AR-15's. Great hunting weapon you say? If you can't shoot a flippin' deer without the use of a semi-automatic weapon maybe you should just shop at Aldi's for your protein.

Selfish needs and the rights to possess such weaponry take a back seat to the rights of LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Compromise is in order. There are enough bang-bang toys out there that firearms enthusiasts can do without some of them in order to pursue the greater good.

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Board of Immigration Appeals grants new stay of removal for Syed Jamal

"Beware of all those in whom the urge to punish is strong." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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New framework for East Ninth Street art proposed

I know, right?! They could've built anudder Roundie!

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Longtime 23rd Street restaurant to close to make room for new wireless phone store

Haw! I remember Griff's burgers for a little as 12 cents and Sandy's burgers, where Biemer's BBQ is now, for 15 cents. Loved me some Sandy's fries, too. Thanks for the picture, Kurt.

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Organizer apologizes for Confederate flag appearance at Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

C'mon, Jon. You know you intended that pun. And good on you for it.

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Accidental shooting reported in Baldwin City

There are intentional shootings and there are negligent shootings. There are no accidental shootings.

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