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City wins early victory in lawsuit alleging landlord discriminated against veteran and his support dog

“…It does not matter at this point whether Christopher Evans can produce documentation proving his disability, need for accommodation, and a pristine background suitable for tenancy,” Huff wrote. “What matters is that he presented documentation to defendants indicating his documented need of a support animal and was denied a lease.”

You have got to be kidding, Judge Huff. The supposed victim doesn't need to provide documentation supporting his claims? He just had to initially write up a bunch of stuff that says he's a veteran and needs a support dog? It doesn't matter that the landlords were astute enough to suspect fraud? Wow! Why doesn't the plaintiff bear the burden of proof? I thought that's the way the law is supposed to work.

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Affidavit: Homicide at Eudora bar followed lewd comments, fracas; armed rampage ensued

If it sez Libby Libby Libby on the label label label she's liable liable liable to annoy us all.

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Schumm to revive proposal for multistory downtown condo project, will seek tax breaks

He should build it to look like a mountain of curly fries piled high to the sky! How 'bout a Fat Tire? Right now!

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Lawrence school district's $87 million bond issue: A few frequently asked questions

I voted in favor of it. Building the football stadiums was fiscally prudent for the long run. I'm glad the elementary schools were improved and I'm hopeful this referendum will pass in order to improve the secondary schools, mainly LHS. If you want to keep your community thriving, you need good educational facilities. It helps to attract new residents and new industry. I will not, however, support the new jail expansion unless equal considerations are given to new and/or improved mental health services and facilities.

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Closing the loop: Local coalition working for completion of the final miles of continuous trail system around Lawrence

It's a great project and a worthy goal. I'm looking forward to its eventual completion.

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Rollback of federal protection for transgender students won't affect Lawrence schools, superintendent says

No, what's appalling is excluding a transgender from using the facilities of their identified gender. That is discrimination and segregation. Your examples are ludicrous.

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Rollback of federal protection for transgender students won't affect Lawrence schools, superintendent says

There are still no needs for transgender bathrooms. That constitutes segregation and it's appalling.

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Lawrence escapes overnight ice storm but Sunday morning accumulations possible

You should use more than one grain of salt to help with the icing.

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Lawrence's Sen. Francisco reframing the gun debate

Plus if you have a policeman in your pocket, somebody's gonna accuse you of bribery.

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