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A. Drue Jennings named chairman of search committee to find KU chancellor

KCP&L is a different company than KPL. Completely unrelated.

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New lights may help 6th Street traffic flow

"Fiber Optic Cable? Whatever happened to wireless technology????"

That's so inherently dangerous I barely know where to start. Yeah, it's cheaper, but it's also VERY easy to hack into. I don't think anyone wants some 16 year old kid jacking around with the street lights with his iBook.

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City leaders dispute Census

I think the census numbers are correct, and as mentioned earlier, the problem is jobs. I never left Lawrence after graduating from KU because I like it here so much, but I do have to commute to Leavenworth of all places to get a decent salary. I would love to find a job locally, but for whatever reason (I'm not fully informed about the tax and development issues) they simply don't exist.

Every year KU puts out a large number of people with science and engineering degrees, yet most of them have to move to find a job. Doesn't it seem odd to anyone that no bio-tech of IT businesses have set up shop in town to take advantage of the constantly renewing talent pool?

A town doesn't need to constantly be growing to be thriving, but when the population is shrinking you need to determine if it's just a statistical oddity, or a sign of a more troubling trend.

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Italian infusion

Throw me into the group of people that don't want it "toned down."
My mother's side of the family is of northern Italian descent, and we NEVER ate out at Italian restaurants growing up. When I got to college I realized why.

No more mushy pasta!!!

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Does Lawrence have top job market?

Yeah, the job market is so fantastic that I drive 80 miles round trip daily. I assume they are counting service and food industry jobs, because there certainly aren't any decent jobs for someone with a M.S. in Engineering.

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Kansas home school laws open to interpretation

My personal experience in college was the same as tolawdjk's - the home schooled children I met were quite intelligent, but couldn't handle the social atmosphere at all. On occasion I would act as an orientation facilitator for incoming engineering students and even amongst the stereotypical "nerdy" engineering crowd you could still spot the home schoolers a mile away. The sad part was that their parents ALWAYS insisted that their children were well adjusted and good with social skills, and this was NEVER true.

Yes, they are very polite, respectful and interact well with professors and administrators, but they don't do well at all with the unstructured nature of interacting socially with their peers. I think there is a tendency for some of these parents to think that structured social situations such as dance classes and little league are an acceptable substitute for time that would be spent with other kids in school. Unfortunately, those environments are just that - structured, where most social interactions in college are not.

It's sad to see a kid getting a 3.8 GPA in Engineering, but going home every weekend to spend time with his parents because he doesn't know how to make or keep friends on his own.

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End of an era for deli

My friend worked there until very recently - she was thinking about quitting and then heard a rumor that they were going to close, so she put in her resignation. Fortunately this has given her a few days head start looking for another job.

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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

"Oh,right, we would not want to inconvenience the boys, and, besides, the drug is too new to know how it would affect males."

Females were the ones dying from cervical cancer, so wouldn't it make sense to start there? HPV's long term effects on men aren't as well understood as they are for women, and what they do know indicates it doesn't seem to be fatal. Can you imagine the outcry that would have happened if they developed it first for men and not for women?

There are many drugs out there that behave differently upon the different sexes. If it was a requirement that a drug or vaccine had to work equally on both sexes before it was released we would have far fewer available options than we do today.

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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

"Here are the contraindications: The product is not to be used for treatment of active genital warts, cervical cancer, CIN, VIN or VaIN. It is also not to be used on pregnant women. It has not been evaluated for carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.

Of course it can't be used on an active outbreak - vaccines make your bodies generate antibodies so when you are exposed to something your own system can fight it off, it doesn't "cure" something you already have. Giving a Polio vaccine to someone with Polio won't do a bit of good - same with an MMR.

You don't want to use it on a pregnant woman because you'd be introducing a form of HPV into their system - you'd be creating the same risks that women with HPV have when getting pregnant.

My great grandfather didn't believe in vaccinations either - because of his paranoia my grandmother ended up having the German Measles, Mumps, and Tuberculosis. She fought through 3 major outbreaks of her TB and they had to take so many chest x-rays that it gave her breast cancer by the time she was in her 40's.

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Woman injured in rollover accident

4 wheel drive may give you better grip when applying the accelerator, but it doesn't do squat when you hit the breaks. All cars have 4 wheel brakes, so the mighty SUV will do no better than the 1979 Pacer. Given the center of gravity, it will probably do worse.

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