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Baldwin City man charged with several offenses in connection with car crashed on Haskell campus

Or he was high and isn't that bright to begin with.

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More than 3,000 lose power overnight; power mostly restored by Friday morning

I noticed some of my electronics had reset this morning. I would like to point out this is the second time in a year that my power has gone out because of somebody hitting a utility pole. I live on a cursed section of the grid.

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KU seeks tougher admissions criteria

If the quality of the undergraduate students go up, the school ranking will go up, which will attract a higher quality of student in the first place. High rankings also make it easier to get grants and research funding from third parties.

This is a long overdue change that has been needed for some time.

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Heard on the Hill: Student gets Pawlenty to record amusing audio clip; I'm looking for the ‘best professors’ who have left KU; staff, faculty directories are now available

The EE and CS department has lost at least 3 that I know of in the last 7 years. Granted, I believe they all took positions that were a promotion at other universities, but nonetheless.

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Kansas University changing scholarship offerings for incoming freshman

It was a while back, but my National Merit scholarship to KU required I keep a 3.5 GPA, while my engineering scholarship only required a 3.2. Both were for 4 years (contingent upon maintaining GPA), so it would seem that they are moving most everything to those models.

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KU showing effects of prolonged budget squeeze

Much of the research and work in Biology is now done with Bioinformatics and computer modeling. If you don't think they need computers, or people to keep them running, then should we take away their calculators as well and make them us slide rules? I mean, that was good enough in the 50's and 60's so it should be good enough now too right?

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KU showing effects of prolonged budget squeeze

Nationally respected professors bring in research and grant money that helps the university as a whole. If they leave for jobs elsewhere whatever you are saving on their salary is going to be completely wiped out by the grant and research money and IP they take with them.

Are some people paid too much for their jobs? Sure. Find me a place where that isn't the case. However aggravating that might be, those people are usually the exception, and not reflective of the whole.

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Kansas gives Planned Parenthood funds to others

It is rather amusing that Brownback pushed through the regulations so fast that no clinic could ever hope to meet the deadline, and now that the state is being sued in response, the lawyers want more time to mount a defense.

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Fort Leavenworth soldier released from jail; next court date on KU robbery charge set for Thursday

My guess is that they are MPs. I worked there for many years, and the majority of enlisted were MPs or the odd soldier that got assigned to move boxes or equipment until they found some place better for them to be. Even then, most of our equipment movers were Captains. If you threw a rock into a group of soldiers you'd have about a 70% change of hitting a Major.

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