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KU student critically injured in accident at Iowa Street and Harvard Road

I work one block from this intersection and I sit at the light on Harvard multiple times each day. I have seen within the last year (at least) dozens--many dozens--of people run the red light on Iowa, both unintentionally and intentionally. I wait until everyone has made a full stop before I go. Additionally the timing of the lights do leave a lot to be desired. Overall this intersection needs to be fixed somehow. This is a school zone and also a frequent path for cyclists seeking a safe route. What probably needs to happen is there needs to be a bridge or a tunnel for people to be able to cross Iowa safely, perhaps at Yale and Iowa. The light at Harvard is still needed, but it's not enough. Some turn lanes for University, Oxford, and Stafford are also needed.

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Free State counselor killed in vehicle-train accident near Riverfront Park north of Lawrence

OMG Coach Z, holy moly... I can't believe this :(

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