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It's law - concealed carry upheld in House

What a great method of creating laws. "Hey, this law didn't destroy Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri--it must be good!"

I'm against weapons, concealed or otherwise. Having a gun in your purse isn't going to prevent you from being a victim of crime. But I'm a little glad the legislature de-vetoed this bill. Because the crazier they get, and the more they kowtow to the extreme right-wing nutjobs in this state, the more likely it is that the intelligent Kansans out there will spring into action.

So, all the crazy creationist gun-toting anti-choice anti-gay bigots out there should enjoy it while it lasts. Like it or not, progress has a funny way of progressing.

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KU economics professor nurtures golden legacy

Great professor. Great books. Congrats!

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Birthday cards may have sparked blaze

If you committ an inherently dangerous felony (like arson), and in the process a person dies, you will be charged with felony murder. It doesn't matter if your intent was to kill the person. As long as you committed the felony, you are responsible.

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From Kansas Statehouse to White House?

I think she'll run, or at least be encouraged to or picked as a VP. And I think she'd win. The only Democrat to find success in the last 25 years? A Democratic governor of a small conservative state.

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Do you think the state should pass a law allowing people to carry concealed guns?

"robinrander, my 8:44a.m. post contained links to several recent news stories about people defending themselves using firearms."

Yes, thank you, I had assumed that's why you posted them. And that's why I didn't really feel the need to read them. My point earlier was that all of those people were still victims of crime, despite the fact that they were all armed.

I am a young woman in my mid 20s, so I often worry about being a victim of crime. But I also spend a lot of time thinking of ways I can defend myself that don't involve the possibility of me putting a hole in my foot, or another person for that matter. Regardless of whether I have a gun in my purse, if someone is going to attack me, they're going to attack me. Me having a gun would only increase the odds that someone dies.

Personally, I just feel a lot better about that knowing that no one is ever going to be able to turn my own hands on me. And in the community setting, I feel a lot better knowing that Trigger McNRAerson walking down the street next to me isn't going to pull out a gun and waste the first kid on the subway who comes up and asks for $5. Silly me, I just don't see the safety in any law that's going to increase the risk of a bullet flying through the air.

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Do you think the state should pass a law allowing people to carry concealed guns?

Would carrying a gun really prevent someone from being a victim of a crime, or would it just maybe, and I do mean *maybe,* prevent someone from being a victim of a certain level of crime? Because carrying a concealed weapon isn't going to make it less likely that someone is going to attack you. I can think of a lot of ways to fend off an attacker that are still going to be effective, but less dangerous than a concealed weapon. What if my attacker gets my gun? Now I've just armed my rapist? What if I shoot and miss the attacker and hit a bystander? Do you ever hear about someone who died from a stray macing?

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Revival of KU Info will be welcome news to students

I'm pretty sure Clark showed his ability to fly 2 weeks ago. If the LJ World would like to hire me to be the Smallville fact-checker, I'm certainly willing.

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Mothers argue importance of breast-feeding

"I'll bet some of those same people think it's OK to "whip out a cigarette" and light it up right there in the restaurant and puff their carcinogens right in others' faces.

But, feed your kid in public. That could really do some incredible harm to someone else!!!"

Very good point chic. If all the pervs of the world could keep their gaze above the neck (Yes, Sen. O'Connor, I'm talking to you) then they wouldn't have to see anyone "whip" anything out. On the other hand, I find it somewhat more difficult to avert my lungs in a restaurant.

My sister is an avid supporter of breastfeeding and all 3 of her children have been breastfed in a variety of settings. Never, not even in the privacy of her own home, have I ever witnessed her "whip" anything out. Even if she did, I doubt anyone would be in danger of losing an eye. It's a nipple people. Deal with it.

The more I hear about people opposed to nursing in public, the more convinced I am that I will nurse my own children once I get around to having some. I might even whip it out at the local Pizza Hut sometime. Just for kicks, you know.

What we need is a mother who is willing to force this issue. Perhaps a nurse-in? Is our society really willing to imprison a mother for the crime of feeding her baby?

I'll even volunteer to babysit for the protesting mothers while they're in the clinker.

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Nonsense takes center stage as city honors art movement

This is better than the guy who keeps his foot in a bucket on his porch.

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Lawrence schools get another snow day

In Topeka, when I was in school, we never had snow days. The school district thought it was safer to hold school but allow parents to opt out of sending the kids under the rationale that some parents didn't have any place to send the kids if school got cancelled. Sucked as a kid, but seems a lot better idea than cancelling school every other day, as Lawrence schools seem to do.

And I went to Topeka West, which has an open campus. I walked outside between every class. They just told us to dress in layers and be sure to bring heavy coats.

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