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Kansas governor says using private email, cell is simpler

In other news, Brownback also finds it easier to affirm bigots rather than lead, persecute the poverty-stricken instead of helping and withholding vital services from the sickest Kansans rather than admit his policies have failed.

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Letter: God’s judgment

Dear Carl:
I want you to be free to believe whatever you want but I don't want to lose my right to pursue happiness because of your belief in Heaven or Hell. This is a government, not a religion. And, at least for now, it's a Republic based on democratic standards. These standards are not beholding to any one religion. Our forefathers knew all about the possibility of religious abuses. They had to deal with the Puritans. We learn new things all the time. For example, people who hear voices are mentally ill, not possessed. Pork is probably okay to eat now that there's refrigeration and proper cooking techniques. And homosexuals aren't an abomination. We're just people trying to find love, make families and contribute to the human race, which we've done admirably from the shadows. Imagine what we could do in a society that accepts us. Carl, believe what you will but God has not foresaken me. People like you have.

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McLinn trial: Years of sexual abuse caused multiple personality disorder, defense says

It says abuse started when she was between 3 and 5 years, which is diagnostically correct for dissociation. Her alters would have developed during periods of abuse to protect her. I would have to be convinced that she felt in immediate danger to switch into an alter that would kill. Most alters are children and would react accordingly. As for why she would stay for years of abuse, remember it started when she was 3 to 5 years old. How would she develop self-worth essential for developing self-care techniques? About 10% of all murders are commited by untreated people with mental illnesses. Of those, the majority suffer from bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia, characterized by psychotic episodes. Dissociative Identity Disorder is not psychosis. It is a difficult diagnosis to prove, especially when a murder is involved.

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Kansas House advances GOP school funding plan

If we buy all the students their teacher's textbooks with the answers in the back, we won't know how horrible an idea this is for, at least, 10 years. By then most of us will be dead, right?

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Koch Industries will donate $2.6 million to Kansas State University

If you look up "chump" change in the dictionary, you'll find the above headline used as a definition.

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Kansas bill limiting sex education material advances with no debate

Kansas should change its motto to "The Less You Know". Maybe we can get Ted Nugent, Meatloaf and Victoria Jackson to come and make Public Disservice Announcements.

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Push on to make catfish a Kansas state symbol

This is perfect. Let's choose a scum sucking bottom feeder to represent our state. Wait a minute. I thought we'd already done that.

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

I just hope he doesn't apply the same crack team he used to fix our economy to fix the family. If so, we can expect families to be down 50-70% by the 100th day of his new term.

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

Egads. This is terrifying. Does this mean he isn't aware he's a hypocrite or he's pretending to espouse ideals firmly above his virtue level? Either way, his words are in direct opposition to his actions and he shouldn't be trusted with power. This kind of cognitive dissonance needs to be treated somewhere other than in the halls of power.

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Students receive part of $1,800 records request seeking Kochs' influence on hiring at KU

Koch Industries and the Koch Bros in particular are inserting themselves into our political system and our academia through the back door. These students are rightfully concerned that any research done by professors that are pre-selected by the university based on donations will substantiate the ideologies of those donors regardless of facts. While it is possible that left-leaning organizations could use this strategy, it is unlikely. For some reason, these tactics are always used by Conservatives but seldom by Progressives. My guess is that Conservatives use this method because facts don't actually support their cause.

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