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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

I just hope he doesn't apply the same crack team he used to fix our economy to fix the family. If so, we can expect families to be down 50-70% by the 100th day of his new term.

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Brownback focuses on 'crisis of the family' in second inaugural

Egads. This is terrifying. Does this mean he isn't aware he's a hypocrite or he's pretending to espouse ideals firmly above his virtue level? Either way, his words are in direct opposition to his actions and he shouldn't be trusted with power. This kind of cognitive dissonance needs to be treated somewhere other than in the halls of power.

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Students receive part of $1,800 records request seeking Kochs' influence on hiring at KU

Koch Industries and the Koch Bros in particular are inserting themselves into our political system and our academia through the back door. These students are rightfully concerned that any research done by professors that are pre-selected by the university based on donations will substantiate the ideologies of those donors regardless of facts. While it is possible that left-leaning organizations could use this strategy, it is unlikely. For some reason, these tactics are always used by Conservatives but seldom by Progressives. My guess is that Conservatives use this method because facts don't actually support their cause.

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Judge dismisses suit over Kansas science standards

Kansas: Right at the intersection of Crazy and Stupid. And that's our state motto!

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Shelter in Kansas City won't house gay couples

Gee whiz. I wouldn't think the question of gay marriage would stop someone from extending charity where needed. We're going to have to start carrying our paperwork with us so people will know whether they should show compassion or not. If your Christian beliefs means you can only be Christian towards the 'right' kind of people, I think you need to pick up a different version of the Bible.

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Gay marriage now legal in Kansas

The country is not responsible for my immortal soul. I am. I came here with it and I leave with it. I'm gay. I have a relationship with God. He told me it was ok. He said He'd sent teachers upon teachers, words upon words and we just keep misunderstanding. He told me that if there were 2 things out of all the volumes written, He wishes we would just remember gratitude and love. You can lose track of those 2 things so easily. I would suggest that if you meet each new idea with gratitude and love, you won't have so much trouble allowing others to make their way in the world. God told me He loves everybody. He is still talking to people today unless their minds are too closed. If your mind is closed, apply love and gratitude. They can reopen.

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New revenue numbers show $715 million shortfall through 2016

Has lobbyist Dave taken his BS wagon to another locale? It's too bad these blow hards can't be harnessed for wind power. These are our new carpetbaggers. That's the real name of these so-called tea partiers. They make up 'facts' and figure no one will check. They don't realize we are feeling it in our schools, in our small businesses and in our hearts. Dave, you aren't a guy with a differing opinion. You are one of the Koch Bros. paid assassins and this is not your playground. We're a few circles of Hell higher than you.

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What defunct Lawrence business do you miss the most?

Simple Goods

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Police arrest masked men who disrupted classrooms at KU

Is a 'misguided manor' a hooligan house?

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Rand Paul, tea party groups back Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts

I forget. Is getting extremists approval a good thing in Kansas or a bad thing?

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