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City gives Lawrence Freenet the go-ahead on fiber network project

So I just wanted to comment on my experience with Lawrence Freenet......HATED the company that changed their name but never their service had them for 7 years constantly had to "babysit" my bill monthly was always charges that were wrong and I believe they got away with it because at least to me their was no known competition....First I dropped home phone went to only cell, then got satellite TV so was making the switch little by little so only had internet through them, had bronze to be exact....well recieved a bill 1 month that was at least $100 more than it should have been, of course their number was a contact on my phone, so I asked why so much? well apparently bronze comes with so much or little bandwidth our family had gone over through gamimg, music, movies so if I switched to gold charges would disappear so I did.......$75 a month reviewed my bill as you have to very carefully with them and noticed a "tv service fee" I called and asked as we did not have "tv" with them...rep actually said "we charge you $10 a month so you don't get free cable"??????so naturally I say but I dont have or want cable with you so isn't that a charge you would have to absorb? I mean does that make any sense to you? rep says I can not agree or disagree hmmmmm? So I searched for any other possible solutions and came across Lawrence me I did my homework I grilled the very nice rep about it for 3 weeks he patiently answered all my questions and concerns as I told him I had read reviews.......They came out to see if I could pick up a signal and it was a perfect signal...installation was easy, they followed out satelite route into house the device on roof is about the size of an Iphone......upon running a test we were faster than the gold service I was paying for...I now pay $35 a month for unlimited fast uninterrupted internet with great customer service...I love that they are local and I'm supporting a Lawrence business and helping out others to be able to have internet access as for every 10 paying customers one eligible family is provided for free....Thank You Lawrence Freenet.

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