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Letter: Energy folly a simpleton I know that back up sources for wind power when it is in decline are Natural Gas plants........which are also used to supplement energy production for peak use. Coal plants are in decline because of the lower cost to purchase natural gas - that increases profits. Because of this product shift we've gained an added bonus, we have lowered our emission rates to 1982 levels.

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Local providers gear up for health care exchanges

it's just a very good thing and thank you Heartland for offering basic care without the hard sell of expensive and unnecessary treatments simply because the insurance company will pay for them.

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Opinion: Benghazi, IRS: Son of Watergate?

send every ambassador on a meet and greet with a fully armed division of armed soldiers huh ? think we would be complaining about that expense. If that was the kind of security needed - the visit should never have happened. The guys we thought were on our side...weren't and they helped funnel 'on the ground' information that our agencies took as credible. Our govt agencies - analysts, in staggaring numbers - had tons of conflicting want them to announce to us ONE and have it be The one ? Nieve. Our civil servants do their best to relay correct information. They are people who are haunted when someone they were tasked to help protect are left vulnerable.

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Another residential development files plans for area near recreation center, Rock Chalk Park

lawrence development reminds me of how my crown vetch growth that leaves old growth dead behind it. After the housing bubble burst all that was left to build was spec apt's. Wait for it, the conditions for a rental housing burst is well underway and its eventuality is being planned for even as we speak.

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Affordable Care Act bringing jobs to Lawrence

Thank you MacHeath. couples therapy 101: change / change back. When one tries to change a situation, threatening the status quo - the other will try to sabotage any forward momentum to pressure a change back. Insurance companies like their profit margins just fine, they don't want to change, therefore, they have to get US to change back to the status quo by inflicting uncomfortable rate hikes. As the therapist says...even if its difficult, keep moving forward. Its the only way through to a better situation.

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Double Take: Teens not wired to be respectful

the headline made me furious !!!! bait. You turned it around very well. For those nagging parents who think more about chores than earning respect I applaud your ability to have "suckered them in" to hear very good advice. Thanks. You get what you give, not what you demand.

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Tuesday snow storm

some lovely photos...we're a hardy bunch. Thanks to the photogs for getting out and about.

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Poll shows low approval rate for Brownback

I sent Sandy Praeger an email encouraging her to run. Glad to see so many other people agree. I also called the Democratic Party Headquarters and begged them to get a candidate out there now ! They whined and cried about money but I told them, they have 2 years of free press to introduce and establish a candidate by simply commenting on each Brownback plan with one more sensible and having the press cover it. They hadn't thought about that. They said there are several potential candidates that aren't ready to step up yet. I asked them if Sebelius might send us a ringer to get established in the state but they hadn't thought about that either. Come on you guys, get creative !! I love the idea of democrats switching parties to vote in the primaries, that was brilliant ! Praeger could just go ahead and run as a Republican...and win !!

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City Commission candidates split on idea of expanded rental licensing program

Amyx said he was concerned about the expense the program would add to the city budget, and he said he wanted to better understand why the city’s current system of responding to complaints from tenants wasn’t adequate.


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City Commission candidates split on idea of expanded rental licensing program

Most cities with healthy curb side recycling programs alternate trash days with recycling days which does not increase the cost of trash collection services. It's really quite simple. Also, yes, the city should avail itself of payment for recycled goods and reduce the cost of collection for consumers when that profit is realized.

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