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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

oh please. Many people struggle and sacrifice to attain the american dream who are not rich - they would not justify an illegal land grab from another financially struggling family to attain it.

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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

I can't believe that Riordan has never slowed preservation over cost before.

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Lawrence attorney Wakefield may challenge Jenkins in U.S. House race

Nice to see a democrat with the confidence to step up and put some skin in the game. Probably going to need some ointment for the road rash to come but I think you might be able to do it Margie. Now, who has the balls to run for governor ?

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Local leaders dissect the Lawrence economy's challenges and opportunities

when I moved here in 86 we had a very balanced and diversified economy. We had many companies that made things here and sold them nationally. They provided jobs, while not depending on local sales. That diversity has been narrowing - from: the economy, the digital revolution etc. but whats important is, we lost that strength. I wonder sometimes if local leaders realize it was that cocktail that made us a solid - vibrant - economically viable community where educated kids added color. Much of our "business" expansion chatter is now all about retail. Retail doesn't provide jobs with a diversified market place - it offers low wage jobs in exchange for our disposable income disguised as 'shopping options'. We have way more retail business than our disposable income can support as it is and yes, that will ultimately lead to empty real estate and Topeka like blight - Hand made signs over the doors of once promising strip malls. I'm seeing this blight occurring in many areas of OUR city right now. I'd rather have less retail, stronger retailers and a light manufacturing district as we once had. Funny, back then I could afford to pay more for things from local people who charged a bit more - now I HAVE to go to walmart. Thats all about income and economy - not the retailer.

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Letter: Plague of apathy

tell ya what, those of us in the county who can't vote ? are generally appalled by what ya'll are doing in there.

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Kobach proposes rule change on proof-of-citizenship requirement to register to vote

it is unacceptable for this information failure to continue for even one more day. Have the IRS do it if the agency tasked to do it is so inferior, IRS has NO trouble getting and responding to my information consistently. Do not make a rule change, we don't adjust to our employees incompetence our employees need to prove they deserve the damned job or be fired. Make it work Chris, immediately and with no excuses.

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion rules

well Eddy, it might start then...but it certainly isnt a sure bet at that point.....Due to invitro fertilization there are huge volumns of fertilized eggs on ice - life in the freezer - ? but when this 'potential' life is discarded after that conception work is done, there is no outcry from congress or the far right !! As the, blog listed above said...the pro life movement isn't about saving 'babies'

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Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion rules

jhawkinsf : I understand your point of view completely...but you have left out a key factor in protecting your pocketbook. You are currently paying for the offspring of unplanned pregnancies, you are also currently paying for offspring who, due to drug abuse or alcohol abuse of their parents during conception and gestation must be cared for by the system due to thier incredible disabilities. Don't trust me, look into it. I think when you consider these realities you will appreciate the comments that: subsidized birth control for everyone is far less costly to you while also reducing abortions. (addressing the pro life drum bang) Chootspa posted a really informational blog post that I recommend you read first...then come back to the conversation.

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What was your favorite school lunch?

shepards pie !!

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Residents irate over quarry blasting

oletimer...don't know where you live but I'm 3 miles from the place and can feel my place "tremble" ...That's not a city slicker complaint but a valid insistence that the quality of life of a citizen be respected by using responsible business practices.

"Seismic monitors recorded the blast at 0.565 on the PPV (peak particle velocity) scale, well above the threshold that geologists say is a risk for damaging certain kinds of buildings."

That doesn't appear to ME to be a responsible practice of business.

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