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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

Seems there are several options beyond just donations. Maybe time is too much of an issue. Contracts for purchase could be used at the bank to show steady flow of income at a measurable level. I thought at one time they were selling through the grocery stores, that had to be a contract and was handy too. Maybe also, contracts from individuals - "buy a years supply, up front". Didn't really hear what they were offering in exchange for the "donation". I do hope they can get themselves an investor and start picking up some contracts.

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

Boston Corbett: If you rent OUT an old broken down building which hasn't had maintenance done for decades you run a significant business risk for what could happen.

There, fixed it for you. And a little advice, if you own and lease rental property ? seek legal advice and increase your insurance policy immediately.

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Opinion: Has Obama been shamed into war?

wow. that's really frightening. I do hope your wrong.

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

Uh, does. We use them constantly while re roofing to protect the structure in the event of rain. Just taught you a new trick dude.

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

This seems like very poor project management on the part of LPA. Is a tarp to keep the rain out too complex for a preservation orgainization ? LPA, can't just shrug.

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Opinion: Has Obama been shamed into war?

First of all CONGRESS drew the red line by implementing a chemical weapons ban quite some time ago. What exactly did Congress mean by that ? I personally think Obama is left to apply a law of our land without much direction from Congress of how they intended that to be carried out. Second, if Assad is the problem - why destroy infrastructure for the incoming administration ? If we bomb it, we buy it. None of us want to do that anymore.
Personally I think Assad should be immediately arrested to face charges in front of a war crimes tribunal - albeit removed from power. Hence, political solutions. A good opportunity for our friends and enemies to come together for an global leaders solution, even if that solution won't meet the standards of the American Public.
And Trumbull - basically what you said. LOL.

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Have you ever taken a trip on a passenger train? Where did you go?

envious of Mike's comment - I traveled from Denver to Pocatello Idaho 1983 via the rocky mountain tracks - unbelievable track placement in many situations giving incredibly beautiful views. Ski party groups got on and off and livened up the trip several times. Utah border collected all alcohol and locked up the liquor cabinets. LOL. Silly. But the countryside in Utah was, in itself, quite lovely to see. Only downside - had been on the train about 4 hours when I saw a sign out the window "Denver 152 miles" that gave me pause - but once there was a view the time past quite pleasantly.

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ACLU notifies Kobach of intention to file voting rights lawsuit

is that still going on ? disgraceful management. I hurdled the process in the 80's and even in that age of limited electronic data transfer my birth certificate immediately made me eligible to drive and vote (both state and federal) without a hitch. This makes no sense to me, go back to the old system. 14'000, a handful of secretaries could have had that cleaned up last month.

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Indian tribe that purchased North Lawrence property involved in casino-related lawsuit

based on the quality of expansion slated for our area already - a casino is going to 'fit right in' here really soon.

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Regulator says transmission is key to renewable energy in Kansas

I agree with all these comments about end user renewables. One of my joys regarding green energy was the expectation that we would lose the unsightly transmission lines that are so ugly cutting through our beautiful nation.

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