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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

I was at Wakarusa on Sunday to hang out with my daughter and to "watch EmmyLou" when I had an unbelievable run-in with Festival Security.I left the grounds for an hour, and attempted to return when David Grisman started. The gate was closed for the rain and lightning, but acts were continuing to play and people were allowed to stay on the grounds.I explained to the gatekeepers that I wanted to join my daughter inside and they, obviously enjoying their authority, said no. As people were allowed to leave I playfully attempted to crash the gate (weren't we as likely to get struck by lightning outside the gate as inside???) and walked along the fence. One of the two gatekeepers followed me along the fence - I don't understand why this was his responsibility as much as he was "riding his power trip".I returned to the back of the line to wait until they decided to allow me enter with the other 50-70 people who were waiting, and the guy who'd followed me pointed me out to a policeman and had me arrested. After being held for over 90 minutes by Lawrence policemen who apparently had nothing much to do, I was returned to my car and told to leave. I'm under orders not to return to Clinton Park this year.No need for Lawrence police to worry about that - I don't plan to come back. ; ]

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Interactive Grateful Dead Song Title Game

St. StephenAttended Grateful Dead in concert in Iowa City in 1971. It was held in the IC field house - folding chairs on the wood floor. Kids kept rushing the stage, and it became apparent the chairs were a problem. Jerry Garcia insisted on stopping the band, instructing the audience to fold the chairs and pass them to the side - this took over 20 minutes. Then the Grateful Dead played for over 4 hours.Roadsideboy2

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