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The truth?

Yes!! Lots and lots!! You can hardly walk two feet without running into one of "those" people!!! And really? Just where are the numbers to substantiate the claim being made... If someone could prove to me that the majority of people are milking the system, then we would shut up already!

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Congressman Huelskamp criticizes new school lunch standards; USDA says requirements are healthier

OMG people! Its all about portions!!! We are WAY to used to gigantic portions that have contributed to the obesity epidemic along with the diabetic cherry on too of it!! And honestly, my kid goes to HS here and he can get 6 main dishes if he chooses to. No one tells him he can't have three sides or 12 desserts. So, at least at the HS level, the story about the big kid going hungry is just his own fault. But of course... Obama is a socialist who is FORCING people to eat their small portion of vegetables.... What a bunch whiners!

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Better off

Try me.... WE ARE BETTER OFF!!!

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Critics off base

Doctors will always be available for the job creators to pay cash for services rendered... Doctors will not suffer anymore than they already do... Insurance companies have been dictating how they practice medicine for a very long time. And I hope tbaker doesn't ever need any government services, like police and fire or roads to drive on because he clearly doesn't want any government involvement in his life!!!

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Do you think the state should cut spending, and if so from where?

Love Lawrence, Hate Kansas....Can we just relocate Lawrence to somewhere with common sense? Still, hate all the divisiveness in our country. Also my husband is a state employee who works his @!&! off and hardly sleeps a wink at night hoping he doesn't loose his job and worries even more about the people who work under him. State employees are not slouches and they already cut the fat in 2008-9, there isn't any more to cut - except jobs...

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Ex-officer awaits grievance process resolution

Well, it means he did not participate In the "crime". That would be why you make them fire you. He didn't resign, he was fired. Innocent people don't resign. I hope he wins the grievance!!!!

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Bigger bangs: July 4 show to use larger fireworks

Jaycee's used to take/ask for donations toward fireworks for the next season... There was never a charge that I was aware of. When it was at Memorial Stadium they charged admission, that I do remember! Way better in the stadium. Miss that!!!

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

Maybe if they used tasers back then, the Sevier case would have turned out differently.... It's easy to judge when your not the officer(s) involved in the situation.

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Kobach fears new maps will cause Kansas voter confusion

Yeah. I'm an idiot! And I'm so dazed and confused!!! Dumb people can't figure out how to read a map!! Kobach is such a moron.

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Sound Off: There are two cabins at Clinton Lake State Park. Can they be rented?

Maybe it's not camping, but it's quiet and camp like. While not the Hilton, the cabins are pretty decent. You still have to haul all your "camping" stuff with you, including bedsheets, pillows, food, etc. We've stayed two separate occasions and were not charged for more than the $95 a night weekend charge. You do have to pay for both Friday and Saturday night, though and the daily vehicle charge to get into the park. It's a decent get away close to home!

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