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Rumblings of Menards coming to Lawrence may be impacted by retailer's decision to pull back on Kansas City area expansion, which it blames on Obama

"For the loser now will be later to win. For the times they are a changin" Get out of they way for new businesses if you can't run yours. And get out of the health care field!

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Obama wins re-election

Can hardly wait to listen to Hate Radio this morning!

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Shots heard 'round the area bring calls for gunfire limits

Maybe before a building permit is issued in the county the prospective resident should attend mandatory classes on what might be encountered when moving to the country. ie gravel roads,gunfire,hunting,farm machinery,etc. their expensive homes drive up the property costs for the heritage familys. if you don't want a rural lifestyle stay in Lawrence where the city can protect you from yourself.

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Jeff. Co. will not challenge bridge plan

I agree with KS. get it done and behind us. around 140 days verses 320 when only partial use would be permitted. probably no combines, heavy trucks and such.we live just south of the bridge and work in perry plus have students at perry schools. we will survive. the world as we know it will not end. I'm glad we have two commissioners who are in a position to do what is right without bending to vocal local outcries.

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