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Tickets to Jayhawks' first games most expensive in NCAA tournament

Since Kentucky lost tonight, that means Kansas has gained eight victories (so far) on Kentucky this year. Kansas started the year down 12, so a trip to the Final Four ties them. A national championship puts KU two games up.

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Roundabout fan

I'd rather be driving through a roundabout than stuck at a stupid stop sign...

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Not safer

For those of you who can read, check out the recently released comprehensive study of Roundabouts in the United States (which includes Kansas!) here: those of you who can't read (and apparently can't figure out roundabouts either) I'll summarize: roundabouts reduce fatal crashes by about 90% over other types of intersection traffic control, severe injuries by about 70% and all crashes by about 50%. They do this by forcing drivers to slow down (which increases efficiency too), and reduces potential conflict points. They also force drivers to think, imagine that, when you think when you drive you driver more safely.

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Kansas schools may not reach target

Posny is great...and she has a doctorate degree too...she should have been the focus of this article.

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Long time education official takes over at state agency

A great choice has been made for the children of Kansas! Good job state board (excpet Bacon, hopefully he goes the way of Connie Morris...)

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Middle school leader seeks top state post

I'm sure Mr. Woolf is a good person with good knowledge of education. However, after the Corky fiasco, I think I'd like someone a little more qualified...

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Traffic circles on hold

Red- My comments are based on intensive roundabout research, most of which can be found in the KDOT roundabout guide (I posted the link). As in all traffic studies the first year after converstion is thrown out (too new, too many variables, etc..) and is typically based on several years of "before" data, and several years of "after" data. If you review the data (again, in the links I provided) you'll see that the results stack up. Roundabouts by their very nature reduce left-turns which are the major accident producer at "conventional" intersections. Also Red, I'd like to point out that I'm referring to years worth of data and hundreds of roundaobuts around the country, you are basing your experience on ONE roundabout in Branson, MO.

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Traffic circles on hold

I forgot to mention the roundabout at Thompson Dr/Tanana Loop Dr at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks. Another site with some snow removal issues...

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Traffic circles on hold

Red- roundabouts have been installed and work great in northern stats where snow removal is a major concern (Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc...). You make a point, roundabouts don't work in all places, just as traffic signals don't work on all intersections. In places where a roundabout will work, roundabouts drastically reduce vehicle delay and produce remarkable safety benefits over other types of intersection control. If you navigate a roundabout correctly, you shouldn't have to change lanes inside a roundabout. Although, if you do, I find it much easier to change lanes when vehicles around me are going 15 mph rather than 45 mph.

Another great roundabout resource (and information about the differences between roundabouts and traffic circles) can be found on the KDOT website here:

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