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AP tally: Obama clinches Democratic nomination

I've about given up ever figuring out the Sunflower channels. The moment I have them finally memorized, they get changed again to something completely different...many remotes have been lost (broken) to this cause.Back to the article. LJWorld needs to add the word NOT to the headline.

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County in Flash Flood Warning until mid-afternoon

23rd and Ousdahl is always a given that it'll flood there and I always avoid that intersection when it rains this hard. I was surprised how much water was coming down on S. Wakarusa by K-10. I actually had to stop and turn around as it felt like my car was going to be washed away.

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Which building in Lawrence do you think has the most interesting architecture?

I have to agree with Allen Fieldhouse....and for the record, being completely obsessive-compulsive about KU basketball in NO way persuade my decision on this. *Shifty eyes*

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Pilot forgets to drop landing gear

Well, at least I can honestly say that I haven't done anything quite like that. Then again, I don't have my pilot's license so that's probably why...

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Meteorologists can't explain severity of tornado season

"KUweatherman (Curtis Lange) says:I always love how the obvious is never talked about; there are more people here today than there were in the past which means our cities are spreading out. So who is to say that the amount of tornadoes is actually increasing rather than we're just simply getting in their way now with the larger population:"Very well thought out and I agree 100%. Also, thanks to modern day technology, we now have the ability to report and record tornado touchdowns at a significantly higher rate which directly correlates to an increase in tornado reports overall as well.It should be noted that tornadoes are such a microscale feature in terms of meteorology. Tornadogenesis (the formation of tornadoes) is still not understood, even today. To state that an increase of tornadoes is due to an increase in global temperature is invalid here due to the fact that the actual formation of a tornado is on such an extremely small scale within the much larger synoptic (weather) system. Plus, think in terms of energy. The greater the difference there is between two air masses (warm vs cold) the more potential energy is available for the atmosphere to tap in. Typically, when there are severe weather outbreaks, you have cold air masses in place within certain parts of the atmosphere.

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What's your take on the Lawrence flag?

Lawrence has it's own flag? Guess you learn something new everyday.After looking at that, why do I have a sudden craving for Cheetos? Maybe there's something subliminal in the flag that's giving me this craving. Or, maybe it's because I skipped lunch....Either way, the flag needs modern day loving with the design and I need to go find a vending machine.

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What food do you overindulge in?

Lindt Truffles - Extra Dark Chocolate.Very dangerous to have around the house.

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Are you going on vacation this summer?

With the way gas prices have been lately, I'll be lucky if I can even afford to go and hang out in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER! Nah, I'll probably go camping with my peeps. =)

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Tornado siren policy revised

Good to hear and thank you DCC!Tornado warnings which include the city of Lawrence or Douglas County in general are such a rare occurrence that having them going off everytime there's a warning isn't really that big of an increase.

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Do you wear your seatbelt every time you get into a vehicle?

It's so automatic for me to put on a seatbelt that I never give it any thought.

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