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'White Owl' set to tie the knot


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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

I had a relative email me what I thought about the whole Collins situation. At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about so he sent me the link to here. Oooh boy, sorry I asked.

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Peak tick season

I absolutely hate ticks. HATE 'em with a passion. They just totally creep me out, especially when they latch onto you...Eww!!!Too bad there isn't a flea/tick medication for humans, especially since it seems there are alot more of them this year.

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Expect severe weather today

I-29 is closed now north of St. Joseph, primarily between Mound City and Rock Port. Several tornadoes apparently touched down there and they are still are working on extracating people from vehicles. I know it might be a long-shot after reading that, but I hope noone was seriously injured

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Expect severe weather today

"Boston_Corbett (Anonymous) says: My dog is a meteorologist. I always duct tape him to a tree trunk facing SW. He doesn't bark until the hailstones exceed one inch in size."Use a Mizzurah Tiger instead...It's much more fun that way. =]

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Expect severe weather today

I agree, mom_of_three. Dave Freeman rocks! He is always very composed and focused.

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Expect severe weather today

Just by glancing at the maps this morning, if I were chasing today, I would start off east of Salina and go from there depending on where the dryline sets up. Since the movement of the storms are going to be from SW to NE at an insane 50mph, I would just sit in one spot and let the storms come to me. It'll be interesting to see how long the cap holds in central Kansas since it's going to be quite strong. There also will be a large amount of forcing in the atmosphere today which will play a heavy factor on the storm mode (supercellular vs linear), especially later on in the day. Either way, it's going to be a very active day in the weather department.

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Forecasters predict tornado outbreak on Thursday

The dynamics in the atmosphere for tomorrow are absolutely unprecedented for this time of year. It's a set-up you usually would see in April, not June. Very rare, indeed. Still waiting to see how the convection plays out tonight to get a better feel on exactly what mode the storms are going to be in around here. Either way, the weather is going to be wicked so DEFINITELY keep an eye on the weather tomorrow.

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President Bush welcomes Jayhawks to the White House

That's pretty darn cool....the team being at the Whitehouse, that is.

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