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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

I would give our police whatever they need to do their job and be safe and cut something else. The no vote was a backlash obviously to some unpopular and not very well managed projects. That said, this still says your vote did not matter. You vote no, we will find a new path.

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Midco continues to address outages following conversion from WOW; 'vast majority' now have service

I also was helped out by a very friendly person at Midco who got us up and running after a 45 minute wait on hold ! We had internet just no cable.....

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Internet and cable outages reported as WOW services convert to new company

No cable at our house as of 1:20 pm Wednesday June 28th!

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City leaders want to keep an eye on cracks at Sports Pavilion Lawrence

And this is no surprise, many have seen this coming both in and out of the construction industry. It was swept under the rug like several other issues.

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Editorial: SLT retail site revisited

How soon can they get started? Most of the people I know go to these stores regularly and shop in the Legends or Overland Park etc. If they wanted to put it by Rock Chalk it would be a done deal......

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Plans filed for major new shopping center south of the SLT and U.S. Highway 59 interchange

No, retail should all be together.....they keep trying to force businesses out that direction and I hope it continues to fail....the stores coming into this would be an great addition if the proposed ones are correct.

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Plans emerge for nearly $15 million hotel project next to Rock Chalk Park

It is used 95% of the time by residents but attracts massive tournaments? That doesn't make sense. I NEVER go on the weekends. I went two weeks ago and there was absolutely no place to park. For people that work full time I guess we get it 5 - close Monday to Thursday. This was not intended for residents....

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Opinion: Hollywood elitists out of touch with reality

Well said, I agree totally!

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Lawrence finishes year with best sales tax growth in the state; do we have Menards to thank?

EXACTLY Alex!!! Ditto!!!! But they want to force everything out by Rock Chalk. How's that working for them?

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