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Parks and recreation on pace to set record in 2015; get ready for closure of key Ninth Street intersection; parking changes on tap near Hillcrest school

Now if we could just have equal facilities in other areas of our city instead of reducing classes elsewhere and consolidating at far NW Lawrence that would be awesome!!! I have a feeling the "newness" will wear off......the quality is already in questioned.....

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Editorial: Screwed up

I am not sure why RC is getting rave reviews other than the surrounding business that will possibly benefit for a while from the out of towners. It will be a maintenance headache for the city forever. Hopefully someday there will be people living out that way closer to it. I think I am more for neighborhood recs just like schools.......

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Letter: Three lessons

This sums it up nicely! Thank you! Now if everyone would get out and vote and send a message this will not be tolerated !!!!! The city commission has not taken responsibility and I bet will not!

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Letter: Laudatory audit

I would like to know when Holcomb, the Community Building and East Lawrence are receiving their upgrades to make the facilities equal?

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Letter: Still fishy

I think it did not pass the smell test as of the report today and it is still very fishy!

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Inconsistent numbers create new questions in Rock Chalk Park audit

Of course city officials are confident.......what a joke. Every time they think they think they have swept this under the rug it just keeps turning up new issues. A huge thank you for staying with the story Chad. I think we need to clean house....and except for LJW keeping on top of it they would have just looked the other way.

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Senate panel endorses $9.4 million swap from KU Lawrence campus to Wichita medical school

We do need more doctors! Are there enough residencies for them to continue on?

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Lawrence commissioners pleased with main findings of Rock Chalk audit, but some concerns remain

Pleased? Think again.......Lesson learned the hard way! Did no one see this coming? It seems to me KU and Endowment got exactly what they were after and the city blindly helped them out. Now we have a facility out in the boondocks that you can't even use on weekends( which is when most taxpayers have a bit if time) because it is entertaining out of town people in hoards. It still is a huge mistake with the City responsible for it. VOTE!!!!!! Let's have neighborhood schools AND facilities to exercise!!!!!!! They are taking everything OUT of the local places.

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Rock Chalk Park audit recommends city make final $1M payment, but finds accounting of project was incomplete

And this comes as no surprise....it is only taxpayer money. Dig deeper and I bet there is a connection somewhere that ensured report would reveal nothing too bad.

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Preparing for the arrival of the Rock Chalk Park audit

Many concerned taxpayers appreciate your continued interest in this matter Chad! Hoping we get answers that make sense and provide proof that is not suspect!

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