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New report attempts to compare costs of Rock Chalk Park with other city projects

A city official says we got a good deal, why does that NOT make me feel reassured we were not taken to the cleaners. Some of those prices are extremely out of line. That is what happens when you do not go out for bids!!!

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City officials working to fix concrete cracks at Rock Chalk Park recreation center

And so it begins.......there are a lot of other quality issues easily seen out there.

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City manager offers apology on Rock Chalk matter; commissioners suggest audit

It is always so much easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission isn't it? I am pretty sure that they covered their tracks pretty well. David Reynolds has this whole fiasco summed up and well put!

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City commissioners say the city erred in processing Rock Chalk Park payment

I think this was handled with disregard for the taxpayers money and that is putting it pretty nicely!
This is so sneaky I am embarrassed for our entire community to let this happen and am amazed there is nothing being done about it.

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City makes surprise payment on Rock Chalk Park infrastructure fees

I am in total shock at the entire way this has been handled. I hope the citizens of Lawrence remember this and do everything they can to remedy this situation. It is beyond arrogance and a slap in the face by all involved to the citizens of Lawrence. When will they stop? My first thought on reading this was OMG!!!

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County administrator expects jail expansion to cost up to $30 million

It does seem like every week it is 20 - 40 more million. Make a list and prioritize like the rest of us have to!!!!! Vote people! City and County officials need to do their jobs! I agree, want or need is a BIG difference!

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Developers seek new zoning to lure retailers next to Rock Chalk Park; new Douglas County income numbers and the pocket of poverty

It will be interesting to see them try to force business out to that area. First they made south Lawrence the hub, but due to rock chalk lining pockets they have changed their tune!

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What's your favorite signature Lawrence drink?

Cyclist at Free State

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Editorial: Rocky deal

The whole thing just stinks for all the reasons mentioned. A very sorry state of affairs.......all parties involved owe an effort to the public to right this wrong.... They won't do it...

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Lawrence commission approves most of Rock Chalk Park infrastructure payment

No surprise there! Certainly is easy to just toss around other people's money isn't it?

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