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Lawrence police investigating hit-and-run

Ethnicity? Its funny how whenever the person is black, mexican, etc it is posted but when they are white it is just left as is with no ethnicity listed.

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Activity along O'Connell Road heats up with $15 million affordable housing project

Not what I want to see when I arrive in Lawrence. They did alot to make the east side entrance look better now to do this. Bad decision.

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Super subs: A look at the best bench players in the Bill Self era

Darnell Jackson was by far the best, he was amazing coming off the bench

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Martha Oldham, the school district's longest-serving educator, retiring after 46 years as Lawrence High School librarian

Thank you on your many years of service to the community. You have influenced many children over the years. Thanks for a great job.

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Little Miss Perfect

its on the lawrence park and rec site. Click on youth sports, baseball, dcaba, 10 and under national league. I would hot link it but dont think its allowed

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Lawrence Humane Society waiving adoption fee Saturday

I have in the past been upset with certain businesses with their policies and how they have treated people. With some exceptions such as this, we need to remember who we are really supporting here which is the animals.

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Basil Leaf Cafe signs deal to locate in former Joe's Bakery building by June or July

Your food is amazing, we got our food from you for our Rehearsal Dinner and everyone raved about it, we had food for darn near a week afterwards, even froze some of it and ate it a month later, sooooo sooooo good....highly recommend your business to anyone and everyone.

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Lawrence area chess champions in national competitions

I was part of his Chess Club when he first started it at Quail Run, I loved it. He taught me alot about the game, we even studied certain games that had been played and their opening moves which are all so critical.

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

I hope everything works out for Mike, he is a very nice guy and good person. Regardless of what he has done or didnt do I wish him the best. He coached me in little league baseball and have had some dealings with him while he was a police officer. Always very pleasant to be around. Hope it works out in your favor Mike

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Suspect in custody after Lawrence couple confronts burglar

part of this story doesnt make sense. 23 yr old suspect/paroled from a kansas prison in 2001. Was he serving in prison when he was 12?

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