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Kansas tax collections fall $23M short in October

It's a wonder Kobach didn't try to reschedule the election knowing this report was coming out.

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Church leaders question Kobach comment on voter ID

So is a "legitimate church" similar to "legitimate rape?" The GOP uses that word so often...

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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

Personally I'm glad that KU is cracking down on this guy. How dare he exploit unpaid student athletes for profit. Only huge universities with multi-million dollar endowments should be allowed to exploit unpaid student athletes for profit!

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Sedgwick County deputy sheriff killed, suspect also dies

This was just south of the city limits, directly across the street from the Air Force Base. Not that it makes a huge difference...the city limit is literally a few blocks away.

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Mother doubts teen daughter’s reasons to start taking birth control pills

Estelle said:
Hormonal contraceptives are the only drugs designed to interfere with a healthy, natural process.
Really? What about antacids? They interfere with the digestion process. Or how about Tylenol? After all, pain is just the healthy, natural process by which your body tells you something is wrong.

By your logic, we should just abolish the practice of medicine altogether. After all death itself is a natural process.

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Scam goes retro to get after local couple

"I used to say look at the english and grammer, but after reading so many texters that post on here, I am not sure that is valid any more. English is a forgotten skill anymore."Sadly, this is true, especially when it comes to spelling. The word is "grammar."

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City to remind residents about clearing snow from sidewalks

If the city can demand that I do the maintenance work on their sidewalk, I should be able to demand that they clear my driveway.

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Goodbye girlhood? Parents want to keep kids from growing up too fast

CeeCee, that's not exactly true.If you call 911, the dispatcher can use the three nearest towers to find a good approximation of your location. The VAST majority of 911 centers do not have GPS tracking, as it is prohibitively expensive.If you are missing and a family member calls your phone, the cell phone company can tell the police which cell phone tower was used to try to connect with your phone. It's not tracking that the police can do on their own...and it just gives them a general area to search, not a precise location.As usual, information sent in an e-mail forward proves to be incorrect.

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Some stimulus payments intercepted

"Thats cool. Although those who are behind in child support should be in jail, not free to work."----------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes, they'll make lots of money in jail, that the could then pass to their kid. What a great idea! (Ouch, I think I pulled a tendon rolling my eyes too hard.)

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Siren policy

Poon:They're not quieter, exactly. The newer sirens are actually 2 to 3 decibels louder. The problem is that the newer sirens produce a higher pitch which is somewhat less distinguishable from the background noise of cars, air conditioners, etc. (And it's actually a very similar pitch to the sound of the city's fire trucks, which makes since because those sirens are made by the same company.)More and more counties are installing these newer sirens, and they really have no choice in the matter for two reasons:1. Federal Signal doesn't make replacement parts for the old Thunderbolt models, so they've become too expensive to maintain.2. The old models could only be run off a direct power source. Lose electricity, lose the siren. The newer models have a battery backup.

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