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Cowboys lose emotional game at Kansas

What is hard to understand is how Forte is their high point player, making 7-three pointers and he doesn't get a mention by the commentators. He is the guy who kept OSU in this game. I would say that next time, put Brannen on him and he won't score as much. Imagine if OSU doesn't get 23 points out of Forte, where would they be. And if the refs get on to Marcus Smart's acting, he won't get on the foul line so much. Also saw Smart get away with fouling a number of times and one was to the crotch of Mason, who was then called for a foul when he tried to get space away from Smart. Refs need to get sharper in watching these antics by Smart.

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Brownback: Legislature, not courts, should decide school funding

Sales tax is the least fair way to tax people. It means that the poorer you are, the more you will have to pay, percentage wise, of your income. Simple math; if one has 100 dollars to spend, 10% would decrease that to 90 dollars. If you have 10,000 dollars, you have 9,000 left to spend. 90 dollars, vs 9000 dollars. The person who has 90 dollars already can't pay the rent and utilities. The person with 9000.00 is very well blessed indeed. Where is the fairness of that. Secondly, the person who makes more money is often using more of the resources of the state to make that money. So, they make more off of the commonwealth, then pay for less for what they make. How is that fair. Lastly, too many of the wealthy are not investing in businesses in the US and they even put a lot of money in foreign banks. That allows more money to leave this country which shrinks our economy. With people earning less money, they spend less and that also shrinks the economy. The policies that Brownback selects have already proven to be damaging to the economy and destructive to the nation in all ways. Your ignorance keeps you voting against your interests and against the interests of this country. Shameful behavior.

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Brownback: Legislature, not courts, should decide school funding

This is a shill game. How much will we allow corporations to use our resources for no fee and also allow them to pay slave wages. Then on top of that, they can pollute all they want, without penalty. That is what we have with this governor. Then you believe that increasing sales tax is a good thing. That only costs poor people more money that they don't have, then they spend less and that causes a shrinkage in the economy. You have been fooled on every count Brandon and ignorance will keep you voting against your own interests. Shameful behavior.

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