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KU tuition and fees going up; admission standards getting more stringent

I guess all these geniuses don't know that their target demographic is shrinking - so there are less students entering college because this generation is much smaller than their parents' generation. So, good job limiting the pool of students entering this fine institution even further. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

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Free State counselor killed in vehicle-train accident near Riverfront Park north of Lawrence

Yes, prayers for sure. This is just awful beyond belief. She helped my family, lots, with a situation that arose out of "bratty teenager syndrome" and I greatly appreciated her levity, sense of humor and words of wisdom.

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

Families need to have their own crisis plans. After 9/11 our family came up with one and we review it every once in awhile. (Where to go and meet if we get separated, etc.) In this case, give your kids a couple plans on what to do if something happens at school -- we have often discussed the possibilty of a mass shooting so believe me I am completely relieved this was JUST a bomb threat. (Perspective, people!) Also, kids were calling, texting and tweating all this at about 8:02 a.m. Communication was NOT cut off in this instance.

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

Seriously, there was a mandatory abstinence assembly? Heck, thats the REAL news here. Parents should have been notified about THAT so those of us who believe, in, well, SCIENCE could have kept our kids away from that mumbo jumbo.

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Graduates saddled with student loans may pay dearly for decades to come

But, JCCC can be a really smart option. There are lots of great instructors there and a semester at KU costs about three times more than JCCC (KU tuition $3500ish/JCCC $1100ish for 12 credit hours). Taking all the basics at a community college can cut down the costs of college considerably.

I think its interesting that all the focus of this article and most of the comments are detailing the perils of students loans . . . but what about the ridiculously high cost of college?! Tuition costs have gone up exponentially more than average salaries over the past 25 years or so. I think/hope there will be some price adjustments pretty soon -- there are many less people in the upcoming generation (compared to the Boomers) and it seems as if colleges are going to have to price themselves competitively to attract students.

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If U.S. can’t love soccer after this, it never will

Anti-Americanism? Yeesh. Paranoid much? Really, he was probably trying to give his kids a brief lesson in what the rest (read: MOST) of the world calls the game. FUTBOL. See it even is spelled differently.

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If U.S. can’t love soccer after this, it never will

You're an idiot.

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‘Unbelievable’ finish: Free State soccer falls just short of state, loses to Manhattan

This is an outstanding group of young women. Way to go Firebirds! Chins up, you played HARD all season.

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Equal rights?

Actually, Charlotte, men walk away from the responsibility of having fathered a child all the time. Do you live under a rock?

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Frenetic finish favors Free State Firebirds in City Showdown win

Thank you! This really turned my stomach, too. I thought it went WAY too far and I really felt for the kid. He's a KID, just like your kid and my kid. And he's far from home and from what I hear a really nice kids -- and now he's the hero, how appropos, you are correct!

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