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Moran part of bipartisan effort to pay military if government shuts down

Nationally, a greater number of U.S. citizens than just members of our military are serving our country faithfully every day. They don't deserve to have their paychecks delayed and their personal lives and financial well-being thrown into chaos, either.

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Lt. Gov. Colyer to testify to Congress that economy hurt by Affordable Care Act

"The effect of the Affordable Care Act on the economy is like ice on the wing of an airplane preventing it from taking off," Colyer said.

And the effect of Republican conservative lawmaking on the Kansas economy is like a flock of Canada geese flying into the intakes of a jet airliner's engines.

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Editorial: Just say no

Good point, Fuzzy; I totally forgot about the conference championship game. That would have been a tough one to win, playing Oklahoma. Still, after dropping more than 70 points on Nebraska that year it's doubtful KU would have been intimidated. OU would have had to contend with a great KU defense, with Todd Reesing, and with KU's arsenal of great receivers and running backs.

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Police searching for two men after car chase

It's a wonder the car being chased eastbound didn't crash a short distance beyond the railroad crossing on E. 15th St. That's a super-gnarly crossing, even at 20mph. Maybe they "ramped" it?

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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

Republican "conservatives" working together to make ignorance a virtue.

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Editorial: Just say no

Home and Home; it's the only way to fly.

In KU's 12-1 Orange Bowl season, the only loss was to Missouri. That was the first game the two teams played in Arrowhead. I will always believe that the Jayhawks would have beaten Missouri (and played for the National Championship) had the game been played as originally scheduled -- in KU's Memorial Stadium. KU was undefeated going into that game, and would have had home field advantage if the traditional scheduling format had been used.

Oh, and Lawrence businesses would have made quite a lot of money had that KU/MU game been played here. A lot of money.

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Kansas attorney general joins NRA, 21 other states in challenge of federal handgun restriction

Hey: gotta fight for the "right" all 18, 19 and 20 year olds must have in a free society: You know, the right to pack concealed handguns and other lethal weapons into university classrooms and public office buildings. (Unless, of course, all our universities and every public building in the state spends a cumulative king's ransom -- (*tax dollars of middle and lower income citizens*) -- to install security checkpoints at every entry. Gotta make money turning those universities and public buildings into paranoid fortresses!

Predictable, this tactic. Look for a string of such hot button legislative bills and lawsuits to be launched by Republican "conservatives" in the following months. For their lawmaking sway to persist as a means of enriching the already rich, it is critical they divert the attention of middle and lower income Kansans, more of whom every day are angrily realizing that they're getting financially screwed by our Koch-directed legislature and administration.

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Attorney General Schmidt's office declines to issue legal opinion on voter registration controversy

Fewer than a half-dozen proven cases of voter fraud statewide.

Nevertheless, Secretary of State Kobach holds his boot on the necks of *sixteen thousand* legitimate Kansans, barring them from voting in upcoming state elections...despite the fact they meet the residency requirements for obtaining a Kansas drivers license.

And our state Attorney General has nothing to say? He kept silent as Kobach began abusing the power of office. He kept silent as Kobach suspended the voting rights of 16,000 American citizens. And he keeps silent about the rightness and constitutionality of what Kobach is STILL DOING...even after the US Supreme Court strikes down similar voter suppression tactics in another state?

Wow. We've got ourselves one hell of a crew in Topeka.

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Audit finds problems in Kansas Department of Commerce handling of economic development programs

Funneling millions in public tax dollars to politically connected private companies; crippling the government's inspection system so that it can no longer impose money penalties for contract non-performance; rigging the game by empowering private companies to judge their own contract compliance and quality assurance...this, folks, is the hallmark of Performance-Based Contracting. This type of hands-off contracting, especially when it involves multi-million contracts, is a menace to good government whether the administration using it be Republican or Democrat.

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Letter: Responsibility

I appreciate that the LTE writer submitted his comments while events were rapidly changing as pertains America and the world's response to Assad's use of poison gas on his own people. Gassing his own in addition to pounding them with air strikes, artillery and rocket bombardment, tank and other motorized assault, snipers firing indiscriminately into crowds, etc.

Personally, I am relieved that our current Commander in Chief is the sort who would issue a verbal threat against a lethal tyrant such as Assad. Obama's threat was intended to stay Assad's hand. It didn't work, but only because Assad is a maniacal killer who has long exploited Russia's need for a military base on Syrian territory, by using Russian-supplied weapons to murder his domestic opponents by the trainload.

But by ordering that poison gas attack, Assad did indeed cross a "red line". He crossed everybody's red line, definitely including Russia's. Which is why, thanks to Obama's diplomacy efforts prior to ordering military strikes, Russia is on board with the United States in getting Syria's chemical weapons inventory collected and destroyed.

Is this a "cowardly outcome" that destroys America's credibility? Probably looks that way to those who love war and hate Obama. The rest of us are breathing a little easier right now, thank you very much.

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