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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I've always used my actual name when posting online comments in the J-W, and for some time now I've also had a Facebook account. Perhaps because I have my FB privacy controls set to "Friends only", but I've never been harassed on that site. If somehow this ever happens, I can block the sender's account and that will end it.

I've never been harassed or physically confronted, whether here in Lawrence or elsewhere, by anyone who disagreed with a comment I posted in the J-W site. I attribute this to the fact that while we all hold views on various topics, many of our personal views are not carved in marble but are open to reappraisal after reading what somebody else thinks about the same subject. Moreover, even those who disagreed with my views from time to time, they must be basically civil folks. Sure, some may rant and spew in anonymity, but they wouldn't do anything so impolite in person; certainly not if it involved getting up in my face. And I wouldn't do that to them.

The thing I'm most hopeful about is the likelihood that the J-W's rule change on posting comments will generate a higher number of Letters to the Editor. That's where the real action is anyway, and it's because people sending in Letters must identify themselves by name. This means they're standing up in a very public fashion and speaking straight out about what they think and believe. It can be very frightening, doing this, because you're never sure how some people will take it. So even when reading a Letter whose view I totally disagree with, still I have nothing but the highest respect for the person who had the brains to write it, and the guts to send it in.

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Letter: Lightning danger

Wikipedia has a long, very interesting article on lightning rods, in which it states:

"The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, does not currently endorse a device that can prevent or reduce lightning strikes. The NFPA Standards Council, following a request for a project to address Dissipation Array[tm] Systems and Charge Transfer Systems, denied the request to begin forming standards on such technology (though the Council did not foreclose on future standards development after reliable sources demonstrating the validity of the basic technology and science were submitted).[33]"

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

A better way to deal with line-cutters isn't cattle guards, but cattle prods.

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Lawrence VenturePark proposed as new name for business park on former Farmland site

Son of Corporate Woods

Abatement Acres

Superfund Chaparral

10-48 Junction

Outhouse Overlook

Minimum Wage Cage

Co-op to Po-op

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Brownback administration won't treat same-sex married couples the same for tax purposes

This decision by the Brownback administration also means that same-sex Kansas couples won't view Republican "conservatives" favorably for voting purposes.

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Letter: Future at stake

Good Letter.

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Editorial: Court moves

"...improving the court system’s technology to allow court documents to be filed, stored and accessed electronically." And the 2012 Legislature did not approve funds for this? Yikes!

In the 2013 session, should legislators decide to play catch-up by voting to upgrade the court system with modern electronic input/retrieval gear, let's hope the effort doesn't go belly-up like the new drivers licensing system immediately did. A repeat of that fiasco, if the work done by judges gets paralyzed, could cause an uptick in the state's prisoner population.

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Ottawa El Mezcal manager charged with immigration violations

I dined at the Ottawa El Mezcal probably a half dozen times. Great location at the south end of downtown. Very good food, good service, good atmosphere, just like at all the El Mezcals I've ever been in.

Hopefully the corporate office gets things ironed out to where these closed-down ones are re-opened and operating under legit hiring and management practices.

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Brownback to lead river float trip

The National Park Service over 30 years ago pre-registered the western Kaw from Junction City to Topeka, and a middle section from Tecumseh to Lawrence, for future inclusion in the federal Wild & Scenic Rivers system. Other Kansas streams, such as Mill Creek in Wabaunsee County and sections of the Cottonwood River are also pre-registered for Wild & Scenic. (Others, too, but I can't recall their names, and don't have the paperwork handy at the moment to check.) All those streams, and stream sections, are rated by outside observers as among the best and most beautiful rivers in the entire United States. But unfortunately, as Gov. Brownback accurately says, they are un-appreciated, largely inaccessible and virtually unknown to most Kansas residents.

To my knowledge, no Kansas governor prior to Gov. Brownback has ever taken the political risk of personally going to bat for the Kansas River in such a high-profile manner. It's a bit breath-taking to think that such commitment might help pave the way for our state's very best rivers to gain the Congress' approval for Wild & Scenic River designation.

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Brownback to lead river float trip

Helping the Kansas River get federal National River Trail designation is something I'm very grateful to Gov. Brownback for doing. His participation in the effort should be recognized as a significant political risk in view of the generally paranoid tone of "property rights taking" that characterized earlier failed efforts to get a number of beautiful Kansas streams, or stream sections, approved for federal Wild & Scenic River status.

The Wamego/Belvue section that the group floated today is very beautiful, as is the river's entire western region from Junction City to Topeka. Hopefully, group participants today spotted some migrating Monarch butterflies headed south. It's that time of year.

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