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Color Run Lawrence

It's just a ridiculous, silly, fun outside activity with friends, families, and strangers. I wish I could have been downtown to see all the runners and walkers this weekend. The Color Run 5k is also an ideal first run for new runners - no pressure and a total blast.

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Man arrested following accidents with two vehicles

For your viewing pleasure: The guy with sledgehammer and boots, shortly before he was tackled and arrested http://twitpic.com/4fhcti

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Suicide rate in Douglas County doubles in 2010; Headquarters counseling center offers suicide resources, warning signs

Thanks to the LJWorld for covering this important topic (and also for moderating the comments)! Headquarters and its staff/volunteers offer a valuable service to our community.

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One of the first female firefighters in Lawrence — and in Kansas — set to retire

Best wishes to Lexie for an exciting and fulfilling retirement! You rock!!!

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Bishop Seabury students get 24-hour glimpse of homelessness

Serving the community is a huge part of being a Bishop Seabury student, teacher, or parent.

I assume that every person who makes assumptions about the financial situations of all the Seabury families hasn't actually met all the families and is just talking out of their...assumptions.

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Bill and Patricia Mayhew

What a fabulous wedding photo! I love it! Happy Anniversary to you! and many more!!

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Heroes: Who Are They? Where are They?

Jon Stewart. That's pretty much it. ;-)

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Food on the fly

While I agree that it *could* be done for cheaper on a Sunday afternoon, if you're a working mother and grad student, this is still a cheaper, healthier, more convenient option than eating out. I'd like to have the energy and organization to cook for my family every night, but I don't.

Thanks for the soy recipe link, though. Maybe I can whip something up over spring break. ;-)

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Apartment fire leaves several homeless

I live in A2 (ground floor beneath A6, where the fire started). The tenant in A6 told us that they dumped 2-day old ashes in a bag from the grill and there must have still been a live charcoal in there, even though it felt cool to the touch. The grill itself is fine so I'm sure it didn't start from the grill. They left the bag with the ashes in it leaning against the wall on the deck. I think it was just a horrible mistake and not total negligence. I've never had any problems with any of my neighbors grilling before.

As for the apartments being tenderboxes, I'd have to disagree. Living 2 floors below the fire, I watched the whole ordeal from the sidewalk with my kid and cat (the only things I could rescue) and I assumed I'd lose everything either to the fire or water damage. I lost NOTHING. I still can't believe it. Other than minor smoke damage (just odor, no stains), my apartment is perfectly fine. I'd say that the building must have been pretty well made for the fire, which had spread across the whole roof, to have been contained mostly to the one apartment.

I'd also like to say that our apartment manager put us up in a hotel the first night, but we'd also had offers from many of our neighbors, including perfect strangers, to stay with them until we could move back in. We stayed back in the apartment last night, and other than smelling like a camp fire and the cable is out, it was fine.

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