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Bullying tactics

Merrrill raking the much, as usual; posting with absolutely no clue as to the facts. Those are tidy little things he'd rather not be bothered with. Treanor rents space at 110 McDonald and has for quite some time. It is one of their corporate addresses. Treanor has also been a consistent and generous donor to the public school system in Lawrence. Merrill wouldn't know a thing about that though cause he can't find a copy/paste link on moveon.org or some such site.

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Kansas attorney general asks Congressional leaders to remove pro-Nebraska provisions from health reform bill

No flux capcitor for me; apparently, though, the SCOTUS does have one. Because they appear to be consistently ruling in a fashion that rolls back the liberal New Deal steamroller that made a mockery of the 10th amendment. The fact that intellectually corrupt politcians have done everything they can to centralize power in D.C., doesn't abdicate citizens' (and Attorneys General) of their duty to demand that politicians follow the Constitution they are sworn to uphold; to the extent that we can force them to not expand on already tenuous forays into un-constitutional-ville, we should. Healthcare regulation is not now, nor ever was, a federal issue. Only those with an interest in expanding the role of government and weakening the authority of state governments argue otherwise.

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Kansas attorney general asks Congressional leaders to remove pro-Nebraska provisions from health reform bill

a better question to ask is why are the Feds involved in healthcare at all? Afterall, healthcare is a uniquely state issue (your doctor is state certified). Perhaps Attorney General Six is doing exactly what he should be doing-----protecting Kansas from federal intrustion on State issues. That little thing called Federalism enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. Ah, but the New Deal Democrats eviscerated the Commerce Clause and now everyone thinks everthing is a "federal case." A losing argument as far as the leftwing is concerned, but legally and Constitutionally a very good question for our Attorney General to ask. Sorry if that doesn't fit with your political motives.

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Former OU basketball coach Billy Tubbs to speak at Lawrence Chamber of Commerce meeting

Salina Chamber gets Sarah Palin..Lawrence Chamber gets...Billy Tubbs? Way to go Chamber. You rock. A real barn burner of a speech to be sure. Billy Tubbs...you have got to be kidding. Bet he is cheap. And someone promised him basketball seats to a game.

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Repaving project on tap for 23rd Street

a thought about closing 23rd St during the summer: if you were planning road re-construction, would you have closed both 9th St and 23rd St @ the same time? 2 major east/west streets? I know we are all experts on everything since we post on this board, so I wonder how you experts would tackle that?

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Amyx, Cromwell and Johnson pick up seats on Lawrence City Commission

fortunately, Bozo, we have till 2011 to have the new CC undo all the damage the PLC/Grassroots clan has done. It will not be easy but I, for one, will be helping as much as I can (as I did during this election). Come 2011, we'll be ready to keep and expand seats on the CC and retake the County Commission as well. At least you have Obama.

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Firefighters, Realtors endorse city candidates

there are in front of my owner occupied home. I believe Lance Johnson to be committed to the best interests of our community. While I personally believe emergency services are the most essential services provided by City Government...they, as a group, don't get to decide what is the best way to pay for and provide those services. That's why we have elected officials. Otherwise all groups of city employees would simply always demand raises.

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Crossing guards may get cut

Multi- maybe in 1968 Princeton and Lawrence Ave WERE 4 lanes (2 lanes each way)(though I doubt it), BUT they are not that now. Princeton is 2 lanes (one wide going west and one wide going east). Lawrence Ave is the same (one wide going north and one wide going south). Lots of people who shouldn't have drivers' licenses seem to think there is a white dotted line down the middle creating two lanes. There are not.Those people who treat both those roads as a four lane dragstrip won't be deterred by crossing guards-adult or 6th graders. They are generally concerned about their destination. Not grade schoolers.

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Living wage puts city, county at odds

Bozo Says:"You “think” Rob? If you have evidence, present it. Don't just assert it and think you've added anything useful to the debate."Hmm, 11354 posts later, the biggest Bozo on assertion and adding nothing useful to the debate rings in.

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