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City commission candidates give views on water/sewer rates, Police Department needs and other big-ticket issues

hey oneeye, didn't the folks of Lawrence already decide they didn't care what you thought?

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Letter: Be the best

Nice LTE Bob. I believe many people agree with you and believe that the Rec Center project is a welcome addition to Lawrence. Instead of trolling the LJW boards, though, many of us choose to let our city commissioners know how we feel directly and asked them to support the Rec Center. Exactly the way a representative democracy is supposed to work. It is my belief there are far more of us that support the Rec Center project than the usual daily lackluster comments of the those folks who seem to have all day and whose comments number in the thousands on these boards. Thanks for taking the time to discuss what, I believe, the majority of us think.

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Kansas House panel passes judicial selection change

All one need do is review the nominating commission selections from Douglas County for our last four judicial choices. 1) a right leaning candidate has not made the list of 3 sent to the governor 2) the previous female governor made it clear a males name need not be forwarded 3) the Douglas County nominating commission is not apolitical 4) the process in Douglas County can easily be extrapolated to the Appeals Court and Supreme Court nominating committees.
All that said, this is still, clearly, a political grab. But with any political grab, it is simply an attempt to make the pendulum swing from one side to the other. I have no problem with that. Just for fun, name the last Republican named to the Douglas County Bench. And if you think politics doesn't matter in judicial decisions, then why is the U.S. Supreme Court all about 5-4 votes?

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Kansas House panel passes judicial selection change

The modern era of "Borking" nominees, was, in fact, started by the Democrats with the nomination of Robert Bork. It is now generally accepted practice for all "advice and consent" nominations for the minority party to "grill" the nominee.

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Brownback hires $150,000 information technology chief from Florida, but questions arise about qualifications

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Town Talk: Lawrence's efforts to land Mars; mini-golf not in K-10 course's immediate future; home sales, building permits struggle in May

no doubt in my mind that the progressives in this town would frown and look down their pointy, intellectual noses at $40k jobs. We don't even have to get to an economic development fund or free land or infrastructure or I-70 access. It'd be just like American Eagle all over again...the jobs aren't what "we" want. Cause "we" are smart, University educated progressives who "deserve" $150k/yr jobs. blue collar? light industrial? industrial? You gotta be kiddin me. And the Chamber? drinkin the "bio-tech" Kool-Aid and letting jobs leave left and right. Shawnee/WyCo/JoCo kickin our butts but we are a great place to live and get Free State Beer and wear crappy clothes at the Pig or Henry's. Yay, Lawrence.

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Gay rights group protests Brownback's decision to attend Texas prayer rally

no Bozo. You clearly win that award. And every other award that could be given for opining about everything under the sun on the LJW boards.. hands down. I suspect other online forums elsewhere where you hide behind your keyboard.

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Public Incentives Review Committee to assess Olive Garden retail tax break option

LJW public forum comments represent EXACTLY NOTHING about public opinion at large. It is the same 15 of you who comment on everything. U, Bozo, Merrill, et al. You don't represent anything but yourself.

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Part of Massachusetts Street to close for marathon April 17

The race is an excellent race. Run by professional race director who has designed a course that is an improvement over last year and offers a great chance at a PR. I have run the course and very much enjoyed the loop through Park Hill (I bet lots of folks haven't seen that beautiful area), showcases the rails to trails path (Burroughs Creek) which will be a true mental test for runners. It's not that long, but it is challenging because of perceived length and slightly uphill on way home. The run by Hobbs park into the warehouse district and UP 8th street (I've run tons of miles in Lawrence and didn't realize 8th St was uphill to Mass)(and past the Sandbar!). A great down and back on Mass St.

Designing a course in Lawrence can be tough, but this is a good one and will be fast. Haskell is a great location for the start/finish with lots of space and the proceeds go to a great cause.

Stop complaining, sign up and see what you can do. Afterall, it's Lawrence's only road half marathon.

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