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Project Graduation party offers students safe fun and prizes—including an SUV

Rebekka, did you really mean to say that the graduates have two choices: drink alcohol at a wild party or attend this community sponsored event? Seems very inappropriate to say such a thing regarding high school students.

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Sound Off: Why don’t all of the countdown lights on Lawrence traffic signals turn yellow when they h

It's a very good question. Consistency is what we expect as both motorists and pedestrians. For the safety of both.

"Motorists should not make driving decision based on pedestrian signals." ...But they do. And having discussed this situation with a Transportation Engineering professor at KU, it is more than reasonable for motorist to do so. The human factor should be taken into account when designing roadway signals. And the city has been informed of this by experts (the above mentioned professor, for one). It is truly ridiculous and quite frustrating.

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Nathan Evers swam the 200-yard individual medley Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010 during the boys Lawrence I

Looking good, Nate! Way to tie for 1st place in the 100 Butterfly!!

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KU grad student faces charges of having gun at Jayhawker Towers

What if the gun was an antique collectible? Under the United States Gun Control Act of 1968, antique firearms and replicas are largely exempted from the aforementioned restrictions. (Antique firearms are defined as: any firearm with a frame or receiver manufactured in or before 1898 regardless of ignition system, or any firearm with a matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap, or similar type of ignition system, and any replica of an antique firearm if the replica is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire or conventional centerfire ammunition, or uses fixed ammunition, which is no longer manufactured in the United States and which is not readily available in the ordinary channels or commercial trade, any muzzle loading rifle, muzzle loading shotgun, or muzzle loading pistol, which is designed to use black powder, or a black powder substitute, and which cannot use fixed ammunition.)And what if Yuan Fang is without a doubt the nicest guy you'd ever meet who made a naive decision to buy a piece of Kansas history?And what if from that poor decision he finds himself kicked out of his home and potentially unable to finish the degree he has worked so hard to obtain without being convicted of committing any crime?The State of Kansas d.b.a The University of Kansas obviously doesn't believe in "innocent until proven guilty."

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Teen faces murder charge in girl's death

Just a clarification...Landa (the driver) didn't work at Taco Bell and KFC. Del Real (the girl) did. It doesn't say what Landa does for a living.

Sad story all the way around.

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Graffiti vandals strike churches

Never mind what I said about "beast." I pulled in on my way by, and it says "resist."

And it looked like a 3rd grader wrote it.


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Graffiti vandals strike churches

I can't view the 6news video at work (*grrr*)....but the picture looks a lot like a fresh tag that I saw this morning that said "BEAST" on the back of a sign at Inverness & 24th Place.

Someone was very busy last night. Idiots.

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Dispute erupts at Wal-Mart over ear-piercing of young girl

Trespassing? I doubt if she got it by standing in the aisles having a calm conversation with the manager. Either she walked behind the counter to confront the clerk and mother or simply would not leave the store as requested. Businesses have the right to refuse service and request you leave their property. She had to have caused a big stink or just wouldn't take "No crime here" for an answer.

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Dispute erupts at Wal-Mart over ear-piercing of young girl

I don't think we have all the information here, and lots of unanswered questions.

Maybe the child did want her ears pierced. Sometimes kids put up a big fuss when they get scared, but then, in the end, they are all smiles.

"Susie, remember you saing you wanted the pretty earrings?"
"Then you have to get your ears pierced. Do you want your ears pierced?"
"Then you have to let this nice lady pinch/pierce/poke your ear to put in the earring just like we talked about. Okay?"
"Okay.....WAAA, NO...OUCH... I don't want it done...!"

What are you gonna do? Chances are afterward she was pleased as punch. Yes, the mother should have called it off and waited until little Susie was in a better frame of mind. But can we classify every child's meltdown as abuse? We "force" our kids to do a lot of things, some painful, that they don't want to do. Yes, most are for their own good (shots, removing splinters, etc), but I don't think we can really make the call on this one.

As for the lady that called 911, who says she wasn't causing a huge scene that disturbed the other shoppers (more than a crying 5-year-old?), so management decided to have her tossed? This article makes you think she was a nice, concerned bystander, but maybe she was ready to open a can of whoopass. Why else would they ask for intervention by the police?

And, guys, this really doesn't have anything to do with Wal-mart. It could have happened anywhere. A little sensitive, are we?

And antisecularman...no bullying in schools? You're kidding, right? There have been programs running like crazy in elementary schools and junior highs to curb the cases of bullying. Nothing's changed there. Heck, maybe it's gotten worse...

And circumcision to prevent masterbation?? How was that supposed to work again??

Good TR quote, Pilgrim.

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