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Brownback administration lays off 85 Kansas Dept. of Labor employees

Slimeback, is that what he got out of his prayer meeting? Probably paving the way for new positions at 100 K+ year! Lovely

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Ex-priest tells judge he thought Texas officials had dropped charges alleging sex crimes against children

Tell the victims it was all a misunderstanding. And who knows just how many victims there are? "He also worked as spiritual director from 1998 to 2001 at a religious order that had a house in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. No reports have detailed any sexual abuse allegations against Fiala while he was in Kansas or Missouri." Means Nothing. These cases keep surfacing across the country..how disgusting and how sad for the victims.

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Possible legal hurdle remains for homeless shelter

Out by the jail? Awesome. Wont have far to go. Does the majority of the people in Lawrence want this homeless shelter? No. Does it really matter? No. Just the like the nonexistent last leg of the South Lawrence Trafficway which is truly NEEDED. Not a homeless shelter that will create more crime and drug use. Pathetic. Goes to prove once again the old adage true, "only in Lawrence"

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Mother feels unfairly singled out at local drinking establishment

As a frequent customer of Free State I can only say I have witnessed tons of kids being dragged in and out of the establishment and way, I mean way, after the reasonable time to have the child out at all. Irritating at best. The place is popular, I understand that, that is why I am there, but you know when you bring a child (or two or three) to an overcrowded atmosphere where people are waiting 45 minutes just to get a table and expect them to behave like little adults, well I am annoyed. Its not the childs fault that you have dragged them out way past their quiet times or bedtimes and then yammer at them to behave when they are fussy. Come on people. I see this almost every time I go there.

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White Owl gets probation, ordered not to return to KU campus

ohhhh Olive... ohhhh Popeye

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Lawrence roads still treacherous

And yet I too miss George Williams!

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Lawrence roads still treacherous

I may have seen snow like this but i have never seen drifting like this in lawrence. Be smart and be thankful guys. How many people have needed help that really didnt NEED to be out any way. HELLLOOOO.? If you arent out fighting it, maybe you really dont know what you are talking about. Thank you to the crews for taking time out of their holiday with their family to plow our roads.

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Say what?

What I really dont understand is the numerous bikes I see on the city streets when there is a bike path right next to them? Someone explain that concept, that it is a better/safer ride on the city streets than the bike path that was built for bikes? Personally, I would not ride a bike in this town where there is NOT a bike path.. scary

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President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Face it, he is a dream after living with 2 consecutive never-ending terms with george.

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SLT expected to rank high on project funding list

Build it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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