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Brownback administration drops federal grant program to help people apply for food stamps

Wow! We DO agree on something!

The problem is, I suspect, the fact that Koch Industries holds Sam's puppet strings. Companies and corporations DO treat their workers as if they were "enemies", and Kansas seems to have become nothing more than one of the Koch Holdings. That makes us "The Enemy".

There are a great many parallels in how Koch would buy financially healthy, small businesses, "absorb" them, then destroy them, and the way Brownback is running the State of Kansas. It's pretty darn scary.

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Brownback administration won't treat same-sex married couples the same for tax purposes

I'm going to venture to guess that it's because we aren't SUPPOSED to be a Theocracy. But that mostly isn't necessarily true, anymore, given the number of people screaming about their "rights" being trampled on by NOT being a Theocracy.

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

I don't think it's the law itself she has a problem with. More like the person who proposed it.

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New units required for over-capacity prison population, officials say

Hmm.. Privatized prisons... So, more customers=more profit?

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

Depends on the church and its dogma, I suppose, as to whether it would be welcome or not. I went to a Catholic High School. We had one Priest who used to get very excited about Physics, and Big Bang, and the study of antimatter... "SCIENCE! It WILL save Mankind! It is not against God, God and Science are not at odds! They NEED each other!" He was of the Franciscan Order. We also had a Jesuit, though, who freaked out any time you proposed an idea that might have been considered "Heresy", like, oh, Big Bang Theory.

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Government shutdown produces automated calls from Democratic Party group targeting Jenkins, Yoder

Yes. ALL of those, I feel, certainly are. As well as the EPA, and the National Park Service. What I DON'T feel is essential are the "Assistant to the Assistant to the Secretary of Blah-Blah-Bureaucracy". However, those that put on the socks of Congresspeople, so they should not have to stoop to do it themselves, won't be "furloughed", even though they are paid with money made from our tax dollars.

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What is your biggest question about Obamacare?

FINALLY! What frightens me, though, is some corporation somewhere is going to figure out a way (Yes, I said "figure", as if it were a person. Mittens said corporations are people, right?) to buy that consumer protection, and then force us to pay for it. After all, no corporation should be expected to sleep on the same set of sheets twice, and somebody has to finance "the little things"...

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Government shutdown produces automated calls from Democratic Party group targeting Jenkins, Yoder

Exactly. And whom, exactly, decides whether or not they are "essential", anyway? Sure isn't us...

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

Corporate medical centers write off the emergency room bills of the people who don't have insurance and can't pay as a loss. We pick up the tab by funding their tax breaks with our taxes. Big Pharma and Big Insurance don't make their projected profit margins. The Government gives them unbelievable amounts of cash, more tax breaks, and subsidies. How do you think that gets paid without everyone being covered, and when people DON'T get sick? THAT is a tax. THIS is an insurance premium. It works the same way any insurance premium works, as was explained to you in another post.

Personally, I would rather pay my premiums, knowing I'm not going to get stuck with any of that.

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State moving ahead on science standards

Easy: fear of punishment, hope of reward, and the privilege of going through life as raging Narcissists, believing that they are, "...spiritually and morally superior to anyone else." (An actual quote from some idiot I dated a LONG time ago, during a discussion of why I think religion is actually harmful.)

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