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Homosexuals in Boy Scouts a Bad Idea

Agreed - he possesses a very archaic way of thinking.

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Homosexuals in Boy Scouts a Bad Idea

The problem here isn't homosexuality. It's education. Hetrosexual males should be taught that homosexuals are perfectly normal. This will ensure prejudice is kept at the minimum. We're in 2013, not 1950. The only way to conquer prejudice is education.

It's ignorant to think that homosexuals are lustful for every single hetrosexual they encounter, and it's also ignorant to assume that homosexual males completely ignore the boundaries of males who don't share their sexuality. It's completely natural to have sexual fantasies, you cannot control this, but what you can do is educate people to avoid violent response as there is no need. It's an interesting article but it's all speculation on a worst case scenario.

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