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City commissioners to consider final approvals for Menards project

If I am City commissioner and I would not let the Menard's site near Iowa and 31 street, because that place already have the home improvement center as the Home Depot! I would put Menard's on the former farmland site by 23rd street! There is no home improvement in east of Lawrence area! Just think about it! We need to improve more business on east side of Lawrence! They were talking about add new many stores on south side of Lawrence area!

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Wichita might fine residents over use of water

Ahh, I remembered that I lived in Wichita... my friend asked me to pick him up and bring him to work as car pool while his wife use his car for a week vacation. I picked him up at front of his house then we left to work. Someone called him that city fined the ticket on front door of his house that water keep running on the lawn for much longer hours in the morning. No, I looked at grass, there was no water that time when we left. Someone did purpose and turned the water on to make city crews looked at them and fined $500 for waste water use. My friend went to the court and judge dropped that fine as next neighbors told them that he didn't use the water on the lawn during the morning.

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Orchards Golf Course in West Lawrence sold, renamed CobbleStone Golf Course

What! Pay $16 to play 9 holes and walking on the weekend? Come on! I bet not many golfers will go there!

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Disability advocates cheer new federal guidelines on school sports

Last 16 years ago, I remembered when I played high school baseball team as captain and we had one deaf guy name Tom. He had never play on the baseball field for several games during he sit on the bench all the time what the coaches told him to. I told the manager why we let Tom play the baseball game? The manager said, "No, I rather not let him on the field, because he might get hurt." He acts like little fear of Tom.

After ten games, the manager was not here for some reason as court jury, I told asst. manager to let Tom play on the field, because he had not play on the field since first game. The asst manager tried to talk with Tom, but it was hard, because he is total deaf and not understands what asst. manager said, so I wrote a note to Tom to make sure he understand. At the game, we surprised that Tom hit four times in four at bat. He run to double twice and triple one time. Tom scored three times! After the game, he act sign language to me "Thank you"

Next day, we practiced, the asst manager told the manager how Tom played so best in the game. The manager listens and not said anything, because he knew that is wrong thing as not let him play on the field for nine games!

No matter how hearing or deaf human is, both were same thing! Don’t fear of deaf kids, let them play and we can surprise how they play so well!

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State trying to make sperm donor pay child support

Come on! Why both women put an ads on post and they found a man who can donate sperm for them to have a baby, then they broke up to make father pay the child support? Both women put an ads on the post and look for sperm donate first, not father! So, Father should not pay child support! That both women should agree with child support on their own child!

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Holton beats Eudora, 21-0, for 4A football championship

Congratulations! The Cardinals football team won the Frontier League Champions and ranked 2nd of 64 4A high schools! I believe that Cardinals will be back to Salina next year!

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

If they remove Obama from the state’s November ballot, then our non-republican Kansas people might going to sue the state panel for sure! I will refuse to vote this November if they remove Obama out of vote ballot!

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Family wants boy's stolen fair project returned

Oh boy, if this item is not your, then please return back to the boy, who worked hard on his project and won the champion ribbon!

I recommend that 4H add a long glass door with shelves and lock up. I heard that several cities were same things, somebody steal any item and never return back to the owner since.

When I was young kid and I looked at my bugs box, I didn't win, and I was upset little. My mom talked with her friend, 4H leader and she said that I won blue ribbon. She looked at the notebook and there is my name with blue ribbon award. Someone steal my blue ribbon and put on other item or replace with red or white ribbon. That leader found that someone put my blue ribbon on other person's item and bring it back to me.

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FBI: Search for KC baby leads to Shawnee landfill

Almost a week, they still not find a baby yet. They searched over the place and ask so many questions to the parent, family and neighbors. What is about baby's parent's facebook? How many friends do they have? A lot? Do they know them? May be one of them knew that baby and steal her?

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Lawrence motorcycle club reminding drivers about safety in wake of fatal accident

Hmm I still drive on my own motorcycle for almost four years now. Yeah, I notice many peoples were driving and not watch out for any motorcycles on the road. Other hands, some motorcycle drivers were not following up on the motorcycle rule on the road.

At this point, I took the motorcycle class for 20-25 hours as a teacher warned me as do and don't then I passed the course and I feel more safety on the road for four years. So many peoples just go straight to the DMV and passed the test, then drive the parking lot for less than five minutes and pass it, then got a new driver license. I think that is big mistake! A lot of motorcycle drivers might be go wrong, then they got an accident, because they didn't earn 20-25 hours on the course as not know much deep about the motorcycle rule!

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