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Saturday Column: What will it take to turn KU football around?

So Dolph Jr, what is the chancellor should do or isn't doing? Kind of a worthless column without that isn't it?

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Simons' Saturday Column: Universities should put spotlight on academic stars

Hey Dolph! Who is your academics section editor and how many reporters do you have assigned to it to cover KU?

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Editorial: Choice awaited

Thanks again Jack!

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Editorial: Proactive approach

Excellent response Jack!

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Simons' Saturday Column: KU football takes a hit; Dole conference a success

Dolph has recounted over an extended period of time and a vast variety of subjects that only he knows what is best for KU. He knows all its weaknesses, has all the inside information (from sources whose credibility is proven by anonymity,) and he has all the answers. He has made it so clear that we must accept the fact: It is all Dolph's fault!

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Charlie Weis names DeMontie Cross as new KU linebackers coach

Where does it say in the story that KU refused his request for release? I read that it says he made the request and it is being reviewed by the SAAB. Tait seems like a pretty good reporter so I can't make the leap that this is poor reporting. Again, I read that SAAB is reviewing his request for release not, as his lawyer says, focusing "on whether the decision was fair and just given the circumstances." What decision? There is no decision on his release. Weiss' decision to cut him from the team is more than fair and just (especially to the other players) considering Berglund failed to show for a mandatory meeting.

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KU professor studies how media cover mothers who kill kids

Sychophant is on the mark. Just check the KU School of Journalism's recent remake of their curriculum. They removed objectivity as a goal of journalism. The dean said objectivity wasn't appropriate because information is inherently subjective. Historically, the truth is that the business side has always been most important and journalists (including William Allen White) always sought to sway public opinion above objectivity. The introduction of objectivity (prominent while I attended KU j school) was a chance to make journalism more professional. Liberal meant open-minded as in being open-minded to see both sides of the story you were reporting so that readers could get all the verifiable information they needed to make up their own mind. Journalism has turned back to its roots. Making money comes first. As Prof. Bremner taught us: Journalism is a business. Nothing wrong with that except greed. Make no mistake, journalists can be as greedy as any corporation. Some have no problem running stories without verification to be the first to break the story, they give no thought to presenting the other side of a story, and some falsify stories. They use anonymous sources with for no good reason and never correct themselves with the same gusto they first report inaccurately. Hypocrisy is at the heart of journalism today. Don't touch their first amendment rights to free speech because they are the stalwarts of "protecting our liberty." But practice your free speech in criticizing their shoddy work and it's just their job to provide information and make a profit. Thus, the rise of "opinion journalism," an accepted term in the business of journalism. It's an oxymoron but it is lucrative and that's what matters most to journalism today.

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Can’t quite ‘believe’

More from the bloated blogger the LJW calls a sports editor. I wish I could believe he was on his way out of town...

Why don't we read more about underlying issues. We're playing alot of freshemen and sophomores against upper classmen. Where are Mangino's recruits from his last two years? And it wasn't like the defense his last year was much to speak about.

KU can't turn its program around quickly with juco transfers as some do. See Bill Snyder. No offense to KSU, but KU doesn't accept transfer classes with an earned "D" and it takes "satisfactory progress toward a degree" seriously. Those aren't NCAA eligibility decisions. Those are institutional decisions. I'm fine with KU's decisions but it does mean it's alot tougher to build a football team.

How about some actual journalism Keegan. Do you know the KU's eligibility standards? Check your own archives. Look for Glen Mason's early years and find the story about all the juco transfers he lost because they were declared ineligible by KU.

Bill Snyder did nothing in his first two years and he's recognized as a great college coach. It would have never happened if he had been given as little chance as some want to give Gill. I don't know how it will turn out and I am as ticked at the performance of late as anyone else but it's simple minded to blame it all on the head coach and call for his firing.

It's expected of fans I guess, but our defensive play on the field is no more sickening to me than bloated bloggers jumping on the bandwagon.

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Corporate-funded ALEC has strong ties to Kansas Legislature

Will this story be followed up with one on George Soros, his groups, and their socialist, anti-liberty influence? Unlike Soros, the Koch's don't have genocide in their background.

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Heard on the Hill: Business dean committee co-chair updates search; look for new KU GAMEDAY jeans soon; KU strategic planning process rolling along

I enjoyed the thrilling conversation because it proved that we are the University of Kansas.

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