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Abortion foes vow to fight to keep Sebelius from HHS nomination

"These Anti-Choice people are crazy."

Yes, people who think that all babies have a right to live are crazy.

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Catholic archbishop gives moral guidance on election

Sure didn't take long for the name calling to start.Okay, this "wingnut" replies:Nobody is pro-abortion? Okay, does that mean you are against abortion, indifferent to abortion? If there is nothing wrong with abortion, then why not be pro-abortion? The lamest pro-choice argument is "abortion should be safe, legal and rare." Why rare? Do you ever do something good and or read about somebody else doing something good and say "Such behavior should be rare."To the Catholic poster who has pre-voted for Obama: it is a big church, and there are a range of opinions on a lot of things. Abortion is not one of them. Archbishop Naumann addressed this directly. I'm guessing that not a lot of the people sounding off here actually heard the Archbishop speak.He also directly addressed the difference in the Church's oppostion to the death penalty and abortion. If you give the idea a minute's thought the difference should be obvious. A lot of people opposed to the death penalty say that anyone who supports it should witness an execution and then see how he or she feels. I would say the same about abortion; sit with the attending physician and witness an abortion.Lastly, before this nut takes wing, I would ask all supporters of Planned Parenthood to do a search on The Google for "Margaret Sanger" and "eugenics." Here are the roots of the modern prochoice movement.

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Catholic archbishop gives moral guidance on election

"stuckinthemiddle (Anonymous) says:I know a lot of Catholics and with the exception of one they are voting for Obama:"I hope for their sake there will be a confessional close to the voting booth. McCain is certainly not the most desirable presidential candidate, and there is no question we need a change from the policies of the last 8 years, but there is such a thing as change for the worse. Obama is a smooth talker and a strong personality, and I understand why people find him compelling, but his vigorous pro-abortion stance should prevent any thinking Catholic from even considering voting for him.As it says in the Old Testament, "there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death," in this case the death of another one million plus babies per year in the US for the foreseeable future.As it says in the Who song "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

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On Abortion

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Abstinence Education Fails the Palin Household

r.e. Mike Blur's statement:When Palin first ran for governor, she assured the media that her husband Todd would quit his job and watch the kids if she won the election. Sarah won the election, and Todd quit his job.However, Todd couldn't handle the job of being Mr. Mom and went back to work in the oil fields. Being a busy executive, Sarah had no time for her kids, so the little Palins were shipped out to live with relativesMike, what's your source for this information? Thanks.

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Compassion needed

Dear tjhoops69,"this is not some willie nellie drug addict"...I'm tired of your vile attitude regarding my favorite country singer!!Seriously, though, tj, from where do you deduce that the "people" of Lawrence have a vile attitude towards the homeless? What is your representative sample? For a non-judgmental fill in the rest.The HOUSE ON Rhode Island HAS ISSUES THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH COMPASSION!!! Why do some people who want to talk about how hateful Barker neighborhood is refuse to acknowledge this? This is a hundred-year old house that was on the market for well over a year--when houses are listed in this neighborhood, they rarely stay on the market for a month! I'm told by people who are familiar with and have been in the house that it has structural issues and one bathroom--this is the house where fourteen people are going to shower and do laundry! Does this sound suitable for fourteen people? It might work for two families, but if one dares to question anything about Family Promises's proposal or suggest an alternative, he/she is branded a "homeless hater!" Lastly, tj, how do you know so much about FPs background checks? I and one other person asked their reps about it, and they said it is performed by them, and even they had to admit that a lot of people with problems relating to substance abuse, domestic violence, etc. never enter the legal system. TJ, I grew up in a low income, single parent household with plenty of alcoholics,druggies and even one or two domestic violence victims (friends my mom took in) around, and I don't recall one of them ever having legal problems. All I'm saying is please don't be so quick to judge other people as haters, unless you have a giant, karma-proof umbrella yourself.

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Compassion needed

Lady_at_church,Even the Holy Bible encourages good planning (see Luke 14:28-29). I realize you have already reduced this to a black or white issue (if this house isn't used, Barker neighborhood hates homeless families), but I still want to point out (again) that compassion is far from the only issue. There are a lot of practical concerns to address, and it won't help anyone to rubber stamp a poorly thought out program, regardless of its good aims.

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Compassion needed

One more thing. This sounds smart alecky but is not intended as such: what if one of the hosting churches also hosted the day shelter? It is great that churches are opening their spaces to these families for shelter, but it seems like it would be kinder to people who are living in unstable situations to not have to be shuttled back and forth everyday. For instance, does St. John's have property in the vicinity that could host a day shelter, at least for a few years? It's close to the park, close to downtown, close to some schools. Just something to consider.

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Compassion needed

I wonder if the author of this letter was at the meeting, because I was. A couple of neighbors seemed visibly angry, but by and large the discussion was civil and many good questions were raised. It seemed that, for many people asking questions, the problem was not that the day shelter would be in our neighborhood, but that the planners had not taken many things into account that they might not be aware of simply because they don't live in this neighborhood. The meeting was supposedly for the planners to address neighborhood concerns, but I don't think the planners cared all that much what the neighbors thought because I didn't see one of them actually taking notes or writing down issues that need to be addressed. If you were actually to talk to residents of this neighborhood, I believe you would find that compassion is not what is lacking, but rather planning on the part of the people who want to put the shelter in this neighborhood. Just to provide one example: the shelter would operate 7 days/week, but there would be no director present on the weekends. This makes little sense, because the weekends would seem to be the time when you would need an experienced, capable hand at the helm since the kids would not be in school, increasing the activity at the home. Also, although this is not a small house, I don't think it was designed or intended to house 14 people plus a director plus however many volunteers will be on hand. There are many, many things to consider, and the planners need to do so and perhaps actually invite some neighbors to planning sessions; that way they might learn some practical things about the neighborhood that would help their project proceed.

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Promoters of a day center for homeless families in east Lawrence neighborhood seek city approval

Sorry, I referred to Mr. Reitz as Mr. Seitz; my alphabet soup was off a letter.

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