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Sound Off: I was wondering why the Lawrence public school district does not have any computer-equipm

The school district needs to start looking at using more free and open source software to free up money for other things. Asset management would be a good place to start.

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Sound Off: If door-to-door solicitors have a valid city license, can they come to my door even if I

There was a guy selling them door to door last week.

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Proposal puts part of Lawrence in 1st District

LJW doesn't like the space between "kansas" and 'six" (should have been an underscore anyways). You will have to copy and paste this url: six/03-m5_kansassix-douglas.PDF

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Gaslight Village community forced to find new homes

They should require a percentage of low income housing built for each development project, either through direct build or some other way - perhaps contributions of time and materials to Habitat for Humanity.

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Knology sold to Denver area company for more than $750 million

Now would be an opportune time for Dolph to use some of his cash from the cable sale to start up an ISP :)

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Bill would require information on emergency contraception as part of sexual assault examination process

It is a shame that legislation is needed to compel health care providers to do what they should be doing as a matter of course.

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With iPads, judges in touch any time, any place

That could be rectified by using a VPN tunnel into their network.
Which I am going to guess is exactly what they do. (And what every iPad user should do).

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Kobach task force completes plan for election regulation, use of voter IDs

It is my understanding that the San Francisco initiatives are meant to do away with something called "taxation without representation," whatever that is. I guess there are some people in this country that pay taxes, but have no say in how they are spent. Apparently, some guys decided a couple of hundred years ago that that was wrong. At least that is what the schools taught me. But everybody knows that schools are really liberal elite indoctrination centers.

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Planned Parenthood drops its lawsuit against state's new abortion law

Exactly the point.
To my knowledge, PP was in compliance with the standards set for physicians.
The regulations raised the bar significantly on PP's clinics and gave them very little time to come into compliance with these stricter regulations.

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