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Two Lawrence men, one a pro baseball player, arrested in California on aggravated robbery warrants out of Douglas County

I have no idea why we waste money on a police force or judiciary when we can present evidence, try, and convict somebody right here in the comments section.

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Little bookstore that could

I worked at Borders when they opened and it was always our hope that the store might actually bring more business the Raven's (and the other downtown stores') way - downtown Lawrence then had more retail bookshelves than any other area in town, so it became the primary destination for shoppers.
I know that all of us sent quite a few customers there whenever we didn't have a book (or knowledge) on hand that we knew the Raven would.
Unfortunately, Borders got lost trying to increase value for shareholders, rather than its customers.

Congratulations to the Raven for weathering the storm. We knew you could do it.

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Statehouse Live: Bill to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students introduced in committee

Why is the number always 47%? Where are the [non-partisan] links showing the data to back this number up?
Also, sales tax is a tax. I doubt that these people are able to avoid paying sales taxes.

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Efficiency task force to call for review of collective bargaining laws

Shouldn't this be a standard to which we aspire?
Why is it that working people are vilified for what is perceived as privilege (something which is most probably a vestige of times when the working class were better treated), yet wealthier folks are coddled for the ways in which they have gamed the system?
Divide and conquer.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Supreme Court upholds cap on jury awards in medical malpractice

I believe the point was that the cap was enacted in 1986, but has not been adjusted for inflation since it was enacted.

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Family wants boy's stolen fair project returned

Hey LJW, how about flagging any posts with embedded links so that they must be approved before appearing?

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Haskell records request unmet

"I have no problem with my records being open. You see, I don't have anything to hide"

In that case, I would like to file a request for your address and a list of your most valuable possessions :) Credit card numbers and SSN would be nice, too. Your address and SSN were provided by taxpayer money, so I want those at a minimum.

Not everything is as clear cut as you think.

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What is a meal or a food that you think captures the essence of summer and why?

Tarator: Diced cucumbers, garlic, salt, and fresh dill mixed with Bulgarian yogurt and *cold* water. Should be the consistency of soup.
The Bulgarian yogurt makes the dish, because it tends to be more tangy than its American (or Greek) counterparts.

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Town Talk: Lawrence home sales for first half of year up nearly 11 percent; Americans for Prosperity rep. urges City Commission to dump sustainability posts

' one legislator said “the most aggressive attack on our liberties . . . that we have ever seen.”'

I thought that one was called "Homeland Security"

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